Throwing an Amazing Graduation Party

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How to Throw the Perfect Graduation Party

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May is inching closer and closer, finals are in the air, and so is the sweet smell of freedom! Congratulations are in order, you’ve made it this far without abandoning all responsibilities and fleeing to Mexico, no matter how many times you googled the plane ticket. Even though graduation is just around the corner, the most stressful month of your life is about to unfold. Between finals, begging you teacher for that last half a point, ordering graduation invitations and trying to figure out the rest of your life, there’s really no time for a mental break down now. So pour all of that stress into something useful, something you can actually look forward to…A Fabulous Fun No-Drama Allowed Graduation Bash! That way when you’re taking a break from pulling your hair out from studying for finals, you can focus on planning something fun and relaxing! Of course, you’ll need some trained soldiers to pull off the actual party (mom is always a sure bet) but you can come up with all of the fabulous ideas that are going to make your party one of a kind.

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So, the first step to take when planning your grad party is to pick a date and time. This will probably be the trickiest step since you want everyone you love to be able to attend. That’s where the love of technology comes in handy. Start a group message with the people you absolutely have to have there, and ask them whether or not that specific date is good for them. Do it a couple of days before or after your actual graduation date since most people will have family in town visiting for their graduation. Once that’s done, you’re in the clear and focus on more important things… like the THEME! Every great party has a theme, and you have to make sure it’s one to remember. Pick something that is all you! Whether you’re more of a classy tea party kind of gal, or an all-out Mexican fiesta senorita, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you have fun with it, this is supposed to be a stress reliever after all. Employ some of your closest friends who know you the best, to see what theme they think would suit you. Give them a few options to vote on, then ultimately make the right decision for yourself. A few of my fave include: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Fun in the Sun, Paradise Island, Crawfish Cookout, and Mimosas Forever.

You have the date, you have the theme, and now you just need some food and decorations. This is where your trusty soldiers come in to play. You’re busy, you have to actually graduate in order to have this party, so keep your nose in the books for the most part. And get some help to do the boring stuff, like buying enough burgers to feed 20 people. My go-to soldiers are my older sisters and my mom. Ask them nicely of course, and be sure to throw in that their help can count as part of your graduation present…a small part. But when you are about to toss all of your textbooks into a fire, take a break and work on some handmade decorations for your party. Pinterest does wonders with DIY! And it will really help to make your party your own. So, skip the party store and get creative! There are so many ideas, from backdrops, to photo collages; you really can’t go wrong with DIY personal touches.


And the final step, to be done AFTER finals, so that you can really enjoy it is to…FIND THE PERFECT OUTFIT!!! The most important of all the steps of course! You can’t go to your own party without looking amazing! Be sure to go all out! If you’re having a tea-party, get an adorable floral tea cup skirt dress! Or if you’re going to have some fun in the sun, get the cutest bathing suit cover up and floppy sun hat. It’s your party, you can go over the top if you want to!  And don’t skip out on the accessories…sunglasses, pearls, flash tats, sunhats, high heels are all a must according to your theme.

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Just remember, use your party planning as a stress relief from all of the madness that is April. Take a break from studying to get dirty and use your hands to create beautiful decorations. Stop stressing and use your party as a creative outlet! Finals are important, but you won’t get anywhere if you burn yourself out. So, don’t be afraid to take a break and create a fabulous party in the process!

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