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July 17, 2017 4 min read

shopaholicEver find yourself dreaming of those pair of Dolce heels you saw in the window the other day? Perhaps you’re having flashbacks of your favorite summer dress; you know, the one with the high slit hugging you in all the right places. Maybe you’re one of those women who would consider skipping an important meal in order to purchase the leather handbag, all in the name of fashion. As an undiscovered shopaholic in denial, you may be considering the fact that you possibly have a shopping problem (simply because someone you love may have mentioned it to you once or twice before).

Need substantial facts? Here are 5 sure signs that you’re a shopaholic:

1. You have to choose between food and fashion. The answer is obvious

When you’re faced with the possibility of food money going towards that summer dress you happened to spot on your way home from work (because you simply couldn’t end your day off without some retail therapy) and you choose to purchase the dress instead of buying dinner, you may have to admit to yourself that you possibly are a typical shopaholic. Remember, as a shopaholic, there’s nothing more important than owning that summer dress that you simply can’t live without.

 2. The shop assistants know you by your first name

Do you visit a particular store so often that the shop assistants know you by your first name? You’ve become their most valuable customer because you seem to spend a fortune each month updating your wardrobe. They never complain, because, without you, they’ll make a substantial amount less money. So, in turn, they make you feel as comfortable as possible. They may even flatter you on a daily basis. To the shop assistants, you’re their biggest income.

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3. You have more than one credit card

How many credit cards do you currently own? How many have reached their spending limit? This could be the number one indicator that you’re a typical shopaholic. Not only do you tend to spend money that you don’t actually own, your wallet also consists of more credit cards than you can remember. Be careful, though. The more money you spend, the more you’re eventually going to have to pay back.

 4. You’ve never worn the same outfit twice

How many times have you worn the same outfit? Can you even remember the last time you wore your little black dress that’s fallen victim to the back of your closet? Even worse, have you run out of closet space? If so, chances are, you’re a shopaholic. Unless you have the money to spend on new outfits on a weekly basis, you probably should be more stingy with your money. You never know when it’s going to run out (if it hasn’t already) or when the bank is going to knock on your door demanding money.

 5. Shoes are you best friends, but you have too many to count

Having a best friend or two is a blessing, but having too many to count leaves you in a very peculiar position. As with too many shoes, you’ve most likely forgotten the first pair that’s taken up space in your closet. As with everything, some shopaholics tend to purchase more of a particular item than other shopaholics. If your thing is shoes, chances are, your best friends are shoes and you have too many pairs to count.

Bonus hint: You can’t go a weekend without visiting the mall

If shopping is all you think about and you can’t go a weekend without the need to shop, it means that you’re addicted to all things new and shiny. Shopping, to shopaholics, is something they must participate in on a weekly basis. Shopaholics can’t walk past a fashion item they really want. They must have it or else. Remember, though, that it’s an addiction just like everything else. If you find yourself at the mall more often than necessary, you could be a typical shopaholic.

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Shopping, online or in store, feeds the soul of a shopaholic. It makes them feel better and creates a unique rush that they can hardly find elsewhere. Whether you dream about purchasing those diamond earrings or find yourself dozing off during work hours thinking about which items you’re going to purchase next, it could be that your shopping habit is more than just a simple outing to the mall.

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