5 Must Have Outfit Ideas for Fall 2016

5 Must Have Outfit Ideas for Fall 2016

Here at Lotus Boutique, we do our best to provide you with the latest in women's fashion and do it so that women of all ages can rock the effortless style. Here are 5 Must Have Outfit Ideas for Fall 2016, comment below and let us know which styles you like best! 


1. Cold Shoulder Outfits.

cold shoulder outfit

Everything cold shoulder is fabulous.  We are falling in love all over again with these cold shoulder tops and sweaters. This trend is now jumping off the runway and hitting the street style. Cold shoulder tops are always great because majority of them are bra friendly, and every girl knows life is better with bra friendly outfits.


2. Over Sized Sweater & Athletic Pants.

Athletic pants and over sized sweaters

Oversized sweaters are one of the best fall tops, especially when you pair them with detailed athletic pants. If you are trying to be comfortable and cute for a long day this outfit should be your #OOTD. When wearing yoga/athletic pants you don't always want to show everything so an oversized sweater is the perfect match. When in doubt, go with the slouch!


3. Chokers Duh.....


Whether it is a layered choker or a velvet choker, chokers are really the coolest piece of jewelry out there. In my opinion you should have every type of choker there is for all of your fall outfits. Whats great about chokers? At Lotus they are almost always under $20, some are even under $15. They make your neck look skinny and there are so many different kinds and ways to wear them you will never feel like you are repeating yourself. 


4. Sweaters & Skirts.

Sweaters and skirts

Skirts are really big this year and the best way to do it big this fall is with a sweater. These three sweaters are all so different but all look great with a skirt. The off the shoulder sweater tucked into a corduroy skirt is very flattering and so stylish. The lace up hood and pleather skirt gives out a sexy vibe while still looking appropriate! Last but not least the cold shoulder sweater with the button down denim skirt is to die for and probably one of my favorite outfits for fall. 


5. Floral Long Sleeve Rompers 

Floral Romper

Floral always brings something special to an outfit. This fall dress yourself in Fall Florals, it is a fun and easy way to look your best! Long sleeve floral rompers are your best bet when it comes to cooler weather because you can pair it with OTK boots. Over the knee boots will keep your legs covered while still rocking your fall floral romper.  

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Created on Posted by Meagan Beck Comment Link

I love the knee high boots with the rompers and skirts!! Lotus has the best mini-skirts!! I love Lotus’s amazing prices too!!

Created on Posted by destinee Comment Link

In love with these new oversized sweaters! Perfect for dressing up or dressing down!!!

Created on Posted by Hannah Vickers Comment Link

I bought the mesh athletic pants and I wear them to class, shopping and even around the house! I am obsessed with the athleisure trend and lotus is my go to!

Created on Posted by DEs Comment Link

LOVE the athletic pants! They’re the best ??

Created on Posted by Alicia Comment Link

My favorite go-to online shop. I love their styling and trendy selections !

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