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July 11, 2017 4 min read

summer outfit ideasSwitching over to summer means that you’d have to change your look in order to ‘fit’ in – not that always fitting in is a must. However, you don’t want to get left behind in your coat and beanie while everyone else is enjoying sunny days on the beach. Summer is a time to experiment, change up your look, find different ways of expressing yourself, perhaps even discover new ways of simply being you.

If you’re struggling to find your summer feet and transition between seasons, here are a few useful summer fashion transitioning tips to keep in mind:

1. Change the color of your hair

What better way to experiment with a new hair color than in the midst of summer? If you’ve been rocking the same hair color for years, it’s about time to switch it up a bit. However, it’s also important to remember that certain hair colors simply don’t match certain skin tones. The last thing you want is looking washed out with a hair color that you simply can’t just wash out. Always speak to a professional first; especially if you plan on going down the DIY route. Have fun, experiment, change up your hair color look this summer!

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2. Add different makeup shades

As the seasons change, so should your makeup choices. In order to make the most out of summer, add plums and pinks to your makeup stash. Choose one feature to accentuate in order to avoid resembling a clown. If you have plump lips, add a bold color to your lips. On the contrary, if you have big, beautiful eyes, ensure that you add mascara and eyeliner as well as a bold eyeshadow. If you’re not used to wearing makeup, this may be a golden opportunity for you to change up your look and try something different.

 3. Try out a new hairstyle

With so many different hair styles to choose from, you’re bound to find something that makes you look absolutely adorable! Be sure to keep the shape of your face in mind when choosing a hair style as you won’t be able to reattach the hair once it’s gone. Professional hair stylists would know exactly which hair style would suit you best, so never attempt to do a DIY unless you have experience. You don’t want to end up crying, right?

 4. Opt for a different shopping method

If you’re used to visiting a shopping mall, why not try a different shopping avenue such as online shopping? Be sure to have a credit card or a PayPal account in order to make purchases and shop away. The great thing about being able to shop online is the fact that you can open various tabs, seeing which clothing items would go well together, and make a sound decision on whether or not you’d like to make the purchase. You can even find summer outfit ideas without having to leave your house.

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5. Give certain materials a go

If you’re used to wearing t-shirts and short, why not try out chiffon? Not only is it ultra-flowy and cool, it’s also a great look for summer. Then again, if you are used to wearing flowy dresses, perhaps try something a little bit more firm like denim. Wearing materials that you normally wouldn’t try out might give you a different perspective on what looks good on you and which materials you should stay away from. You’ll never know what you can look like if you don’t experiment.

 6. Leave your glasses behind, get contacts

Glasses can be sexy, but maybe it’s time to give your eyes some breathing room by ditching the glasses for contact lenses. Be sure to purchase a pair from an optometrist in order to keep your eyes healthy. Although you can buy contact lenses online, it may not always be the best decision – especially if you’re used to wearing prescription eyeglasses. Remember, changing your look for summer may be as simple as trading in your glasses if done responsibly.

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Bonus tip: Get a piercing

If you’re new to piercing, you may want to start off tiny; such as adding a nose ring or an extra stud in your ears. Since it is summer and you can always take it back if you don’t like it, adding a piercing could be one sensible way of changing up your look for a summer. Choose wisely, though, and follow proper cleaning instructions after the fact to avoid infections.

Changing up your look for summer doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, it only requires a little bit of confidence and a need to give a whole different look a chance. Besides, summer is a season for boldness and color, a fresh new approach to life – which includes a little bit of a makeover. You deserve it!


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