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July 26, 2017 4 min read

dorm room decorTime to get your dorm room in order? As a college student, you don’t want to spend a fortune on making your domain look amazing, right? Ideally, you’d like to create some atmosphere in the least expensive way possible – leaving some cash left over for a pretty college outfit to add to your wardrobe.

Thus, when it comes to finding affordable dorm room décor ideas to die for, you simply have to make use of a little bit of DIY to save some money and create your space exactly the way you envision it. Décor design ideas can come from high-end magazines or you can simply have a look at the following dorm room décor ideas to create a stunning new dorm room:

1. Dixie Cup Garland

dorm room decor

Photo credit: heygorg.com

Surely, you will come into contact with a few dixie cups in your college years. They will mostly be red, but if red is your color, even better for you! However, if you are in the market for something a little bit more pastel and subtle, gather a few dixie cups from the Dollar Store, a string of fairy lights, and make holes in each cup where you’re going to weave the fairy lights through. Hang them from one side of your bed post all the way to the other side, plug the fairy lights in, and voila! You’ve just created your own, ridiculously inexpensive, work of art above your bed or just about anywhere else you’d like to place them.

2. Personalized Desk Top

dorm room decor

Photo credit: iheartorganizing.blogpsot.com

Having a desk which is plain and boring could leave you not wanting to spend any time there. Thus, it’s important to snazzy it up a bit by placing photos of those you love most over the desk top. It’s completely your choice how you’d like to arrange them, but it always looks much neater when they’re placed at an even distance from one another. If possible, place a piece of glass over the desk top and you’ve just managed to create a personalized desk top incorporating your most loved memories.

3. Washi Tape Coverings

dorm room decor

Photo credit: abeautifulmess.com

We’ve all heard of Washi tape, but how many of us have actually used it for decorating purposes? Depending on where you purchase it, it can be a little bit expensive, so it’s important to shop around first. As shown in the image, you can easily cover a plain door entrance or blank window sill with pieces of Washi tape in your choice of color. Try to stick with your room’s color scheme in order to create unity and have plenty of fun!

4. Picture Frames

dorm room decor

Photo credit: designsponge.com

Who said you have to have expensive picture frames if you want to hang your most loved memories on the wall? As a college student, you’re going to want to find inexpensive décor design ideas to spruce up your dorm room, including the use of pattern tape to ‘create’ a picture frame on the wall. Firstly, place your photograph exactly where you want it, using an adhesive that won’t lift the paint once you’re in the mood to change the décor once again, then tape around the photograph in order to create the illusion of a frame. Easy to do and very affordable!

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5. Crate Seats

dorm room decor

Photo credit: tupelohoneycaro.blogpsot.com

As a very gracious host, you’re going to want to offer seating options without breaking the bank. With so many décor design ideas out there, it’s important to weigh your options in order to save a little bit of money here and there - which is why a crate seat comes in quite handy. Purchase an inexpensive crate, place a piece of food on the inside if possible, and place your favorite pillow on top. Keep the pillow material in a shade similar to your dorm room color and you’ll add fantastic design elements to your dorm room without spending a fortune.

6. Photo Art

dorm room decor

Photo credit: josefina86.deviantart.com

If you have a blank wall in your dorm room that you simply don’t know what to do with, why not add photo art? As a society that constantly takes photographs, you’re bound to have more than enough options to create a pattern on your wall – as shown in the image. It’s time for you to be as creative as you possibly can be by adding your favorite memories to a blank piece of wall – making wall art with photographs that you’ll most likely toss in a box.

7. Dorn Room Entrance

dorm room decor

Photo credit: Rachel Wolinsky on pinterest.com

Lastly, why not create a grand entrance to your dorm room by adding a unique touch? It’s cute, fun, and not too expensive. However, you’ll definitely stand out as the college student with the most interesting dorm room entrance. Go crazy with your ideas and have fun. Besides, that’s what decorating is all about.

“Decorating golden rule: Live with what you love.” Unknown

While you’re at it, you might as well spruce up your wardrobe and add a few college outfit ideas to match your dorm room. Go on, have a peek. You’ll love what you find!


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