Wear It Wednesday Fur Vest

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Wear It Wednesday Fur Vest

As the south finally begins to take a break from the summer heat the new fall air has us wishing it could stay 70 degrees furrr-ever! This time of the year brings out the best in people from smiling strangers to home-cooked family meals. Something about the holidays just makes people happier and brings about an exciting energy in the air. One of my favorite times of the year is fall; it brings fashion and pumpkins and family! These things I simply cannot do without! My favorite fall fashion piece is a faux-fur vest, and I love this statement look with just about anything. As a friend to the animals you couldn't catch me wearing real fur so don't be alarmed at the pictures below! All fur vests stocked at Lotus Boutique are faux! 

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Fall is such a great time of the year! Its when it finally becomes acceptable to wear all your cute summer-to-fall transition clothes!!! especially fur vests! Vests’ with a light shirt to go under them are a great way to go from summer to fall!

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