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October 06, 2015 2 min read

How to Dress Well: Lotus Lady Style

Welcome to where fashion never ends, and we continue to be inspired by trends and season changes! It's time to tone down for fall fashion, and there is no better way to embrace this crisp autumn breeze than with comfy layers! Every online boutique knows it is essential to carry fall fashion basics like oversized tunics and fluffy scarves, but what does Lotus Boutique carry that sets us apart from the other boutiques? Read on to learn how to dress well like a Lotus Lady! What Lotus loves the most about Fall is that everyone gets to cover up a bit more while still looking 100% styled. With the beginning of fall fashion we get to finally say goodbye to booty shorts, teeny crop tops, and strappy everything.

Step 1: Modest is Hottest

Button up S uede Skirt

 Mid-length skirts and comfy blouses make a perfect out-on-the-town outfit for running errands or getting lunch with your bestie. This faux-suede skirt is the perfect length to be fall fashion chic and paired with our three-quarter length white blouse you are covered and cute!

Step 2: Trust the Mannequins

 Learning how to dress well can be difficult if fashion doesn't come naturally to you, but luckily when you walk into a Lotus Boutique there are tons of beautifully dressed mannequins to inspire you! Take mental notes on what is paired with what and then be willing to work with a Lotus Lady to help you find the perfect outfit for you! Our Lotus Ladies are trained on color schemes, body styles, fit of the clothing, and they are always current on the latest trends in the fashion industry. Our Lotus Ladies want to help you explore your personal style and make sure you leave with high spirits!

Step 3: When in Doubt, Fringe it Out

If you can't decided on what to get while shopping in a Lotus Boutique, GO FOR THE FRINGE! Fringe is one of our top selling trends this fall season, and nothing gives you that natural free spirit vibe like a bunch of beautiful fringe! Available on ponchos, tops, skirts, and even kimonos you'll be able to find this funky trend everywhere throughout our stores!


Now that you've gotten the basics down on how to dress well, you may be thinking, "What's next?" - Your next step is to stop into your local Lotus Boutique and apply what you've learned! If you don't have a Lotus near you our website has a large assortment of merchandise to choose from! Luckily for you, everything is already styled head to toe so all you have to do is load up your cart with those items and check out! You're on your way to rocking this Fall 2015 Season so splurge a little and enjoy the fashion in your life.

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