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July 11, 2015 3 min read

 Sorority Rush Week is coming up this August and every PNM (potential new member) is getting her pearls, heels, and dresses ready for Rush Week, but wait... what exactly do you wear when you want to rush for a sorority? You know your dream house, you're ready to meet your new sisters, but do you have the look that's going to impress them? Have no fear ladies; Lotus Boutique is here to give you the inside scoop on how to dress for sorority rush week!

Sorority Rush Week Round 1:

This day moves by so quickly that it is absolutely imperative to make a great first impression! You'll be doing an Open House meeting the sisters from each sorority house and spending about 20 minutes at each sorority house interacting with them. This day requires the most walking so unless you are a pro in heels, opt for flats! You don't want to be the girl that falls down during Rush Week because her ankle gave out walking from house to house! At the end of Day 1 you should have an idea of which houses you clicked with and which ones you didn't.

Because of the activity involved in Day 1, a cute top and a structured pair of shorts will be your go to outfit for this day. The blazing August sun will not be forgiving; make that a huge consideration in how you dress. Don't wear anything that will show sweat stains or stick to your skin.

Sorority Rush Week Round 2:

This day is all about touring the sorority houses! By the time you reach Day 2 you start to filter out houses, and the sororities do the same for you. Don't be sad though; you still have two more days to impress for Sorority Rush Week! Because the sorority houses have begun weeding out the girls they're not interested in, you will be visiting less houses today and spending more time in each location possibly doing cute crafts, presentations, or even skits! You'll be meeting individually with more of the sorority girls and continuing to narrow down your perfect choice (as they do the same!) Although there is less walking on Day 2 as there is on Day 1, you will still want to be prepared for touring a few of the houses. This means you still want to be comfortable and classy at the same time. There will possibly be lots of stairs inside of the houses so wearing a dress could be an issue. We think a slightly dressier version of Day 1 is most appropriate.

Sorority Rush Week Round 3:

This round of sorority rush week should have you feeling a little more comfortable with each sorority, and you should really start to have an idea on which house you would like to join. You should know each chapter's philanthropy and personality well enough to feel free to ask any questions you may still have for each sorority house. Ask about the sorority lifestyle, what they expect from you, and any piece of advice they can give you to have a successful experience being a sorority girl. The attire for Round 3 is even dressier than Round 2 so pull out your cutest business casual look, but be careful not to look stuffy! You want to showcase your amazing individual style while still showing that you are a sophisticated woman worthy of their chapter. We think this adorable polka-dot bow front dress screams Southern Prep and is perfect for Round 3!

Sorority Rush Week Round 4:

This round is by far the most serious one you will get to enjoy and this is your chance to seal the deal with the sorority house of your dreams! Let the sorority girls know why you think you are the perfect fit for their chapter. Carry yourself well, speak intelligently, and show that you are a powerful woman that they can't live without. Remember you'll be spending the remainder of your college career with these ladies so you need to make sure they are right for you and that you are right for them. This is the dressiest day of all so be prepared to look amazing! A dress, heels, and well groomed hair and makeup are a must! Show these ladies what you're made of and you'll be rushing into the sorority house of your dreams with no problem at all!

Now that you know exactly what to wear for your sorority rush week, it's time to shop! Use coupon code "obsessed" to save $5 off of anything on our site! Enjoy ladies!!! -XOXO- Lotus Boutique

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