Fashion 101: Projecting Trends For 2015 And Beyond

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Embroidered denim cutoffs



Fashion is an enigma. It is ever changing, never constant, and seemingly follows no set pattern. We, as shoppers, buy clothes each season and embrace the new trends or choose to make our own. But have you ever wondered who sets the trends and how they go about doing so? Having recently worked in Milan with a few of the design houses I asked the same question repeatedly until finally I got an answer. World events, pop culture, the music, the vibe, and the feel of the world at the current time are used as projections of what the public will embrace and purchase in the coming seasons. Much like google has crawlers sent out to find out all the information in the world, the fashion community has a similar resource that follows the current global "mood" and translates that into a fashion projection. When the design houses receive this information they take it and tweak it to fit their particular clientele and then release it in the new collections. Time goes buy and the trends trickle down into the fast fashion outlets and are then had by everyone. Basically what I am saying is, the way that the world works, how we currently live, the situations arising in our world everyday influence everything that the fashion houses project to us as shoppers. So in essence we set the trends. We influence the curve of fashion. We are the pattern. As such I can tell you a little bit about my projections for the future of fashion over the next year or so, just in case you want a heads up =). Evidently the days of peplum and color blocking will be behind us. Instead the fashion community will be embracing what they have deemed "New Southern". Basically farmhouse chic. I have seen some of the projections and designs for upcoming collections and I must tell you that denim is coming, and it is going to be in overload. I have seen designs for denim gauchos, overalls as pantsuits, and just way too much blue for comfort. Farm hand will be the new chic and you an expect simpler makeup and more relaxed hairstyles. The future of fashion is in your hands and you have influenced the design houses to embrace the "New South". I must admit I am not a fan of what I have seen, but as I have said before, there are no rules in fashion… so if possible we could choose to ignore the fact that UGG boots are back. Please. May we please ignore that? To summarize this lesson in how trends are set, let me just say; you are fashion. Not Donatella or Miuccia or Giorgio. You are.

faded denim cutoffs

Much love to you all- xoxo, Thom.

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