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In an ideal universe, we could rock runway-ready ensembles on an unlimited budget. Let’s be honest, looking chic doesn’t come cheap. However, you’re in luck because we are here to bring you some of our favorite looks from premiere fashion shows to starlets on the street with a few tips on how to snag the style for less. With Fashion Week season only weeks away, now is the perfect opportunity to become a style icon on a practical budget. Whether you recreate these looks or are simply browsing for a little inspo, shop our The Look For Less report and allow any sidewalk to feel like your own personal catwalk. 1. Fool-Proof Fashion Featured within several shows at Fashion Week and made accessible by the ensembles of one of our favorite entertainers, matching skirt suits are a to-die-for trend. Shaking up the scene in streamline style, the the Shake It Off singer does just that as she brings back uniform fashion.Usually we are all about the mavens who mix-and-match with pattern blocking and the eccentric edge that we have all grown accustomed to seeing. Yet this season we are experiencing a renaissance of ultra coordinating looks cast in playful patterns and popping hues. Not only are matching skirt sets a chic statement, they are a fool-proof favorite, taking the debate out of assembling a statement ensemble. As evidence suggests below, graphic print or gem embossed, boxy crop tops paired with a simple skirt clad in the same print present a polished look that puts you ahead of the fashion curve. Our Sequin And The City matching skirt suit is an excellent way to get this starlet’s look for less.

2. The Good and the Plaid It’s the return of tartan, the cozy comeback, a seasonal staple. A print once reserves to cozy throw blankets and your grandmother’s outdated curtains, plaid has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of fashion’s past. Gracing the runways of Saint Laurent (below left) and Marc Jacobs (below right), we welcome the charming check print like never before. There is something undeniably cozy yet cool and casual about a good plaid piece and some of the season’s best shows cashed in on this, breathing brazen life into a bored print. Get this runway-ready look as you get your hands on our Mad For Plaid Dress (below middle). When it comes to rocking this almost-ironic risk, there’s a fine line between trendy and tacky. Capture the charming essence of tartan this season with contrasting accents. For instance, soft styling such as ballet flats along with underwhelming accessories will simply fall flat and appear outdated. Be a tartan statement by infusing edge in an effort to counteract the traditional textile. Go grunge with tousled tresses, opaque tights and combat boots. Go from plaid to rad with this look as you add a plush shearling coat and unique statement necklace. Fear not fashion because even you can make flannel look fierce, just in time for the holiday season.

3. A Cape Escape Whether you are a contemporary pop icon like supermodel Cara Delevingne or the All-American girl like Kate Hudson, the item at the top of every it-girl's wish list this season is a chic blanket cape wrap. For the love of layers and en vogue versatility, the cape is the ultimate item. We use these contrary icons as examples to express just how diverse this daring item truly is. Present yourself as posh or playful at your discretion. Of these three discussed looks, we would be willing to bet that this 2015 fashion is sure to be the most unforgettable. With each passing era of fashion, each generation possesses certain trademark trends as you may have come to notice. With that being said, we are more than happy to claim this haute topic as an era identifier. Whether it's a weekend getaway or downtown errand running, you will sport the blanket cape wrap with pride wherever you go. Glamour or grunge, the universal secret to successful styling of this item is with an effortless approach. Don't overthink it when it comes to dressing up this wow-worthy wrap. Bear in mind these basic guidelines and we guarantee that you will gleam with a certain "champagne and caviar" disposition.

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