New Year, New Lotus Team Member

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As 2014 comes to an end, the management at Lotus Boutique decided it would be good to bring on a new content writer and blogger. That person would be me. My name is Thom and I am so very pleased to connect with you, via online forums. I suppose I shall tell you just a few things about myself so you are familiar with the person behind the blog posts and the products, the boy behind the curtain if you will. I am a 21 year old, eastern shore bred, fashion loving kid from Point Clear Al. I have an associates degree in English and Literature from Samford University, which I have not used, and am working on my Bachelors. This past year I decided, randomly, that I would move to Italy. I had no real plan, I just wanted to go away. So I packed up my things, booked a flight, and found a job as an Au Pair in Milan. I decided to document my experience on a blog titled The Manny Of Milan. I gained steady viewership with numbers reaching to over 180,000 views. Since then I quit Manny'ing, signed with two modeling agencies in Milan and began to make a name for myself in Italian Fashion. I have worked with Ricardo Lamanna, Voda Fone, and Philip Plein. I teach English in my spare time and now write for all of you as well. I am currently home for a while as I apply and wait for my residency visa, its quite a process as Italy is a little behind the times, and then I will return to Europe to continue living out my dreams. I am a travel aficionado, fashion enthusiast, food connoisseur, and lover of fine films like Bridget Jones's Diary. I love Beyonce and snarly humor and prefer bold and bright to black and subdued. I am so very excited to be writing for all of you and look forward for you getting to know me in this new year. Happy New Year from me, the newest member of the Lotus Team. It's so lovely to be at your service- XOXO -Thom The Content Writer. Check out my Blog at

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