Lotus Takes Over The Grounds in Mobile Alabama

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Lotus Boutique has always been a major supporter of The Grounds in Mobile Alabama and now they've recently teamed up with us and allowed us to have our photoshoots and even a major LookBook on their location! But before we dive into our photoshoots and lookbook, allow us to introduce you to The Grounds in Mobile, AL!

The Grounds is a year-round entertainment, commercial, and convention venue ready and willing to host all of our favorite events along the Gulf Coast! In fact, The Grounds are so popular that they actually have over 1 million guests attend events annually. There is nothing that brings family and friends together like the events hosted at The Grounds in Mobile Alabama. In fact, The Grounds underwent a major facelift to focus on safety, family-fun, and amazing attractions that will have people coming back for a lifetime.

You can find a listing of their upcoming events here, but our personal favorite is the Greater Gulf State Fair featuring all of your favorite rides, foods, and live entertainment! This year The Grounds is celebrating their 60th Anniversary for the Greater Gulf State Fair with some amazing attractions that are new and old!

All Greater Gulf State Fair guests will enter through the Grounds Central which features a "Celebrate the Gulf Coast Theme" that has a 250-pound sand sculpture, Mobile’s popular Arts Alive! festival, pop-up booths, and even POLE-VAULTING!

For starters, the Live Shark, Sea Lion, and Stingray Encounter was a great educational experience for people of all ages! The interesting animal facts, amazing tricks, and energetic hosts really bring this new attraction to life! In fact, they even had an opportunity for you to take a picture with the sea lions, and that was just too cool!

They also brought in your favorite foods including, but not limited to, chicken on a stick, fried oreos, gyros, and of course cotton candy and popcorn! All of your favorite fair foods are present this year and they've even included some new and local food vendors such as Chick-Fil-A, Hungry Owl, and the OK Bicycle Shop! Yum!

Now onto The Arena where two full days of the region's premier cowboys show off their skills in the Greater Gulf State Stampede and Rodeo! With over 2,000 seats available to watch these crazy cowboys, you'll leave feeling exhilarated and maybe even ready to trade out your work shoes for a pair of cowboy boots!

Down at The Barn you'll run into award-winning animals like the 2,000 pound cattle, giant hogs, and hand-raised chickens. The barn showcases the Fair's deep-rooted foundation based in agriculture and horticulture.

At Family Land you'll find kid-friendly rides, a giant sandbox, and a petting zoo for all ages and heights! This is the perfect place to stop if you have young ones tagging along during your trip to the The Grounds in Mobile, AL!

And lastly, The Midway is our favorite part of the Greater Gulf State Fair featuring 30+ WILD adult thrill rides guaranteed to quench your thirst for speed, twists, drops, and excitement! With an all-day-access wristband, you may ride these rides all day and night as many times as you'd like!

Now that you have all of the details on the Greater Gulf State Fair and all of the other events The Grounds in Mobile Alabama hosts, you can purchase your tickets HERE, but hurry before the fair ends November 2!


Now, let's move onto the great FASHION Lotus Boutique is bringing to The Grounds in Mobile Alabama! Due to an incredible relationship between Mr. Mobile Fashion Week, Richard McGill, and The Grounds owner, Scott Tindle, we are able to use the gorgeous 90 acres of land for our website photoshoots and fashion lookbooks! All of the beautiful green grass stretching in the distance of our photos is courteous of The Grounds who provides us with indoor facilities to keep the clothing and models fresh for photos! Our models and staff are especially grateful because we ALL remember the Whimsical Walk Lookbook full of gorgeous boho-inspired HOT fashion and also a tropical climate to match. If we ever needed indoor facilities, it was during the Whimsical Walk lookbook!

On our first day taking over The Grounds we had an incredible photoshoot that ended with some silly pictures with The Grounds mascot we nicknamed BESSY. Bessy is a GIANT cow statue with some seriously realistic utters that we found to be eery and hilarious at the same time! Our models also posed with The Grounds truck to show our love for our new photoshoot location!

Check out our Behind the Scenes video for our first shoot at The Grounds in Mobile Alabama!


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