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What is the best way to avoid yet another year dressing up in a drab costume that comes in a plastic bag and falls apart long before your Halloween festivities come to a close? Create a costume yourself, of course. This blog post  tells you exactly How-To DIY Dress Up that allows you to create a one-of-a-kind costume that possesses a sense of personality. This is the one night a year where you can completely become whoever or whatever you want, so channel something hauntingly haute rather than the desperately drab "skanky sailor" or "naughty nurse." With Halloween practically upon us, take a look at these five stylish dress-up inspirations and create your very own spook night style. The best part about these fabulously festive get-ups is that you will want to be seen sporting them far beyond October 31st.

1. Lady Is A Vamp

For a fang-tastic fashion statement, en vogue vamp is always a classic look that's sure to be a crowd pleaser. For a night, bring fantasy to life by sporting this vampire-inspired outfit. Allow your ensemble to embrace the mystery and allure of bloodthirsty style by rocking the Give Me Amour lace dress and blood red accessories for a bright contrast to this sultry style. Pair this spectacular ensemble by adding a smokey eye and deep saturated lip along with optional costume blood to complete your character. This creative costume allows you to indulge in the sexy side of the Halloween spirit yet do so with taste and style. Vampires are an enigma that has taken pop culture by storm with countless movies and television shows. However, each franchise creates its own unique look for these damsels of the night so dare to think outside the box when dressing up in fanged fashion. You are the queen of the night so party all night like a true vamp in fanged fierceness.

2. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's

Allow the role that made the late Audrey Hepburn a style icon do the same for you as you party in posh perfection with this Holly GoLightly inspired get-up. The role is iconic and still recognizable, from the sleek and stylish black dress to the beehive hairdo. When it comes to creating your Breakfast At Tiffany's inspired ensemble, allow a classic little black dress to be the base. Layer this look with accessories from a statement necklace to an oversized sunhat or darling up-do. To further your film-inspired style, optional character cigarette holder and oversized sunnies are incredible additions that complete this look. If you've seen the classic film, you know that Holly is unforgettable for both her fashionable taste and eccentric ways. Whether you put a modern twist on this costume or keep it classic, getting into character is an absolute must. Before the big night, reprise the role by refreshing yourself on the remarkable movie to brush up on your best Audrey impression. In the words of Holly GoLightly, "Never love a wild thing", unless that wild thing happens to be yourself, dressed to impress in this chic costume.

3. Feminism in Fashion

Take a stand and forget the objectifying ensembles and get your girl power on by personifying a historic icon, Rosie the Riveter. This empowering ensemble is super simple yet super stylish. With denim on denim and pops of red, this iconic look is an on-point trend. If you're looking to flourish in femme fashion, trade in the jeans for a jumpsuit like the one above. On the heels of Chanel's "Feminism Protest" campaign, your girl power getup will grab attention for all the right reasons. For a fun and festive edge, whip out that firetruck red lipstick that you've been dying to don. Oh, and don't forget to strike the signature pose for inevitable photo ops.

4. Style From The Sea

As children, splashing around in the pool meant time to play pretend mermaids, right? Well channel that nostalgia and make waves this Halloween by bringing under the sea elements together to create an abstract mermaid-inspired style. Like this scaled reminiscent ensemble, ingenuity and elegance are a part of the mermaid motif. Allow yourself to look away from the literal and towards whimsical originality like a true fashion connoisseur. In this case, our mermaid-inspired ensemble consists of a flowing maxi skirt that gives a free-spirited flair along with a casual crop top and a five-star statement necklace. Even Ariel is envious of your ensemble when you dance the night away in this oceanic ensemble with modern flair. Bring your long lost mermaid fantasies to life with this siren-esque style.

5. Lana Del Rey for A Day

For the trendy chick who is looking to transform into a stellar character this Halloween, we are in love with the idea of a Lana Del Rey look. With each passing year of Halloween festivities comes plenty of celebrity inspired costumes but with a Lana-inspired look, you are allowed to feed off off fashion and a unique look with an eccentric outlook, making your one-of a-kind costume an unforgettable one. The songstress's most memorable traits are her dramatic demeanor, floral crown fashion and larger-than-life lips, all things that you can incorporate into your "Summertime Sadness" inspired style. For instance, above is an ensemble that is uncannily similar to the one featured in Lana's "Born To Die" music video. With her ghoulish glamour, channeling this diva on Halloween makes for a great getup that is sure to make you an object of affection to all of the "Gods and Monsters" on the party scene. Whether you snag a look featured in this How-To DIY Dress Up or are dreaming of another How-to DIY dress up, Lotus has fashions for all of your festivities. Go beyond store-bought and bagged looks by getting your hands on a one-of-a-kind costume that you'll be proud to sport long after the flames of jack-o-laterns fade. Regardless of what ensemble you're sporting this Halloween, don't forget to share your celebratory snapshots of your #OOTN with us on October 31st.

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