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If you were fortunate enough to be in attendance, you know just how fabulous and fashion forward the shows were at Mobile Fashion Week this season. However, there was an equally glamorous world going on behind the scenes that many know nothing about. Beyond the catwalk, bright lights and heavy bass are over forty familiar faces strutting the runways with forty voices and forty different experiences. Lotus was lucky enough to pull back the curtains and get the inside scoop directly from the faces of Mobile Fashion Week on what the highlights of this past weekend were and what we should expect to be seeing on the stye scene in future months. From the models to the makeup artists and everyone in between, we’re here to bring you the full Mobile Fashion Week experience. The first night of MFW was kicked off by the second annual Hair Show. With Atchison Home’s enchanting energy, the cosmopolitan culture of this event fused flawlessly, setting the stage for a five star affair. The creative cuts and wild waves gave the audience a detail oriented look at the avante garde inspiration behind the looks what we’ll see in the upcoming season. Though we probably won’t be rocking sky high beehives or rockabilly realness on a regular basis, we will absolutely be taking note on certain styles to dilute and make our own for a day-to-day ‘do. This is the motive behind the amazingly eccentric hairstyles that we’ve seen on the runway this week. Leaving the audience reeling in hair romance, teased and tousled tresses were a favorite look of the evening. Though these models may have sported this style to sky high extremes, we can guarantee that this translates into a rising trend. In other words, bold hair is coming back and in a big way. Therefore, if you’re looking to change your hair to something haute for this coming season, consider taking this en vogue look and creating your own subtle rendition for the a stylish hairstyle. Though the hair is a major factor within this Mobile Fashion Week trend report, when it comes down to it, the clothes are key in capturing the essence of this coming season’s ensembles.

Amplified by bass heavy beats from today’s hits to an eerie rendition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s “Pure Imagination”, the runway was flourishing with fierce fashions that kept the audience on the edge of their seats with anticipation. Many attendees came to see the crazy couture stylings of the daring designers while others had their eye on the ready-to-wear looks from the best boutiques, but regardless of their personal preference, all hearts pounded to the beat of the background music when the long-legged ladies hit the catwalk clad in Lotus Boutiques beautiful fall fashions. It is safe to say that they were a unanimously haute highlight of the evening. Beyond the booming bass and clicking of camera shutters, the whispered praises between onlookers grew extremely apparent during Lotus’s segment. For instance, front row Fashion Week attendee and style guru, Tatum Morrell Turner exclaimed, “The show was amazing. It only gets better every year! I always find myself wanting to dance in my seat to the music.” At this point, you may be asking yourself, “What are these must-haves trends and why?”

Lotus Boutique constantly has a finger pressed to the pulse of the fashion industry for upcoming trends. Large in part to a specialized staff of stylists and marketing geniuses, the quality of clothing was evident among the starry eyed expressions on every spectator’s face at MFW. Taking notes from New York, Paris and other fashion capitals, Lotus was able to bring some of the boldest and best items to the runways of Mobile this past week. For instance, Lotus has long predicted sleek style’s chic comeback in the coming season. This intuition allowed them to get their hands on ultra chic elements just in time for the powerfully posh invasion. When you think chic, you think monochromatics such as black and white in addition to simplistic motifs. Black has long been a common occurrence within this style scene but this season, you will be seeing the stylish shade more than ever. Fortunately for fashion enthusiasts, Lotus is one step ahead of the game and already going beyond this bold hue. According to fashion insiders, leather is going to be the new black for fall and winter. So if you consider yourself to be a chic chick that wants to take the luxurious look to the extreme, feature leather or faux leather elements. From onlookers to models, leather was a look that no one could wait to get their hands on. Katelyn Speights, a model from Mobile Fashion Week elaborated on this trend with “I loved getting to show off all of their new fall looks and I am obsessed with the leather leggings! Definitely going to be a necessity this fall.” However, Speights isn’t the only one in love with leather. Bringing this black boldness to the catwalk, model Laura Lee Williams was spotted this past week, rocking a rebel chic ensemble. When asked about this grunge luxe look she stated, “ I wore a cream colored lace top, paired with leather shorts with cutouts. It was a look I could definitely see myself wearing out and about. During fittings, all the models were going on and on about how much they loved the looks from Lotus.“

From voluminous locks to loving leather, it is safe to say that all attendees found a favorite trend at Mobile Fashion Week 2014. Now that you have been briefed on the best of the best in fall fashion, head to any Lotus Boutique location and upgrade your wardrobe this season. As obsessed as we are with the styles of this season, we can’t wait to see what Mobile Fashion Week has in store for next year. Until then, stay tuned to Lotus for the latest trend news on what’s fab and what’s just drab.

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