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Our amazing content writer, Daniel Walters is heading off to New York City and we had a chance to sit down with him and learn a little more about him his career path and some FUN things to know about him. Daniel is still making time to write for us when he is in the Big Apple and we know with the inspiration that comes from the BIG CITY we will have very fashion forward content.

Thanks Daniel, we will miss you!
Lotus Team
I actually fell into modeling by accident. Acting had always been a passion of mine from an early age so at 14, I felt that I was overdue for my first actor headshot. I sought out a highly recommended photographer in Mobile, Toni Riales, and had my very first photoshoot. Following that, I was approached by Barefoot Models and Talent for not only acting but also modeling, which was an industry I had not even considered until this point. Soon after signing with this agency, acting auditions seemed to be take a backseat as modeling go-sees and auditions began to take precedence. I began spending more time in front of the camera from a model perspective and quickly fell in love with this industry, so much so that I actually became the personal assistant to Toni Riales. From this experience I not only grew as a model but also in the other factors that play into the fashion industry. There are many more facets to it that I never knew existed. Modeling has become my primary plan, which I hope to continue with and expand to larger markets, from New York to Europe. While I am grateful more my modeling skill set, I know that it is a brief career plan. Fortunately, the opportunities that have been presented to me, from writing to creative directing, have allowed me to invest in a separate skill set that I see myself thriving in, long after my modeling endeavors have come to a close.
I absolutely love being a contributor to Lotus Boutiques. Writing and fashion are both major facets within my life, being a basis for much of my personal identity and the fact that I can hone in on these skills while bettering both myself and Lotus Boutique is an awesome opportunity.
1. Favorite Fall Trend: This season, black is back and in a big way. In my personal opinion, black is everything and absence, all at the same time. There is nothing more chic than this haute hue.
2. Favorite Clothing Line: Lately, I have been in love with Saint Laurent. Laurent truly grasps the idea that fashions fade but style is eternal and this ultimately illuminates through their timeless aesthetic. Also, I am a sucker for the perfect pair of chelsea boots and whimsical wild child motif that Saint Laurent plays so well.
3. Celeb Crush: As boring as this may sound, there is not a single celebrity that truly does it for me. While I’m not ruling out the celebrity scene, I just don’t see anyone in Hollywood currently that truly strikes a spark for me.
4. Bow Tie or Skinny Tie: Personally, neither! Of course I value the importance in dressing well. However, I prefer to impose my personal disposition on style through other elements.
5. Favorite Pantone Color: While black is my go-to hue, Aurora Red would have to be my favorite Pantone color this year. Simply because it is such a radiantly rich and passionate shade that stands out as the perfect statement for this season.
6. Fashion Icons: This is a hard one. Can I pick two? Okay, firstly, Carrie Bradshaw because, to be honest, on my best days, I likely to pretend that I am her male equivalent. Though she may be a fictitious phenomenon, she is everything I aspire to be. No shame! Hah. Secondly, Iris Apfel and James Dean are also primary benefactors to my sense of personal style. Both paved the way and forever changed the fashion industry of today in unique aspects.
7. Favorite Person in History: I have always sensed a magnetism towards the author, Oscar Wilde. Mainly due to his unapologetic personality and genuine grasp on the world around him, which he immortalized through his writing, creating relevance years after his passing. Like myself, he was devoted to the pursuit of perfection and aspired to inspire in any way that he could.
8. PC or Mac?: That’s an easy one. Mac; all day, every day!
9. What got you into fashion? Being raised by a mother who is practically Barbie, all of my best memories include her and her sensational sense of style. Growing up, it was always infused into me that a sense of style is an essential form of expression and conveying who you are without ever having to speak.
10. Fashion Advice: If there is one piece of advice that I can share with other style enthusiasts is the notion that life is entirely too short to be spent in boring clothing. If you like it, wear it and do so unapologetically.

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