Meet our NEWEST photographer AND the band.

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Meet our NEWEST photographer: Joelle Rosen is our newest photographer and we are all obsessed. Between the photography, fashion, and music she is FASHION.
* When was your band founded?
- Underhill Family Orchestra was founded in 2009.
- It started with just Steven (vocals/guitar), Brian (vocals/banjo) and me (vocals). We've grown a lot since then!
* What style of music would you call Underhill Family Orchestra style?
- Southern Americana Rock n Roll (with war paint)
* When did you find your passion for photography?
- Around 2008 during college. I was shooting with a 35 mm film camera, styling my friends and taking them on adventures. I never thought of it as a career,  I just did it for the love of it. A few people started asking me to take their photos so I would shoot a couple of rolls of film on a subject. I realized I loved shooting people more than anything, and that i wanted to create beautiful images with human subjects. I'm not wired to sit in a cubicle.
* What do you hope to bring to Lotus Boutique?
- Through working with models, boutiques, designers, magazines, MOBFW and other creatives, I've developed an understanding of fashion photography that I hope to portray in my shoots with Lotus. Fresh, lively photography that showcases how awesome the products are. When I buy an item of clothing I'm not just thinking "oh this looks cute." I'm thinking about where I'll be wearing it, what I'll be doing, the fun I'll be having, who I'll be with, and the looks I'll get. Fashion is part of life. Lotus is a part of a fashionista's lifestyle.
* What has been your most successful and well received image to date?
- I have my favorites for sure, and I know other people have theirs. I recently had an editorial published in Elegant Magazine (see below) and those photos were well-received. I've included a few other favorites.
* When are you happiest? When you are shooting or when you are singing?
- I love both! It brings me joy to perform, travel with my friends and sing the songs we've written to people who sing along! And hearing your music on the radio is a pretty amazing feeling.
Photography is something that I have worked really hard on and it's crazy to be able to say that I am self-employed! I am elated when I put together a shoot and the finished product is just what I wanted. When I was published in an international magazine recently, I couldn't explain the joy I felt. It's also an incredible feeling to see your work getting better. I hope to never stop learning and improving.
"I'm very blessed to be able to do what I love in many aspects of my life."
Joelle Rosen Photography
1. What's your favorite fashion trend this season?
-I'm all about a wide brimmed hat. (as you can see) And all the 90s vibes in recent fashions.
2. Favorite makeup line?
-I love MAC. Their lipstick is amazing, and I also use their lightful skincare line. Also, my favorite makeup artists that I use for fashion are with MAC. Mary Green has worked with me a jillion times.
3. Movie Star CRUSH?
-Adrien Brody & Kit Harrington (Jon Snow from GOT) *swoooooon*
4. Vampire or Werewolf? 
-Vampire. The classic vampire that bursts into flames in the sunlight, it does not sparkle.  None of that Twilight bullshit. (you can edit)
5. Favorite Pantone Color of all time?
-Can I say black? ;)
6. Fashion Icon?
-So many! I'd say a mix of Audrey Hepburn & Iris Apfel. I can't pick a favorite person because I'm inspired constantly by amazing women (and men) in every decade! The wonderful thing about fashion is that you can combine so many decades of style and make your own. That's the fun!
7. Most important woman in history?
- Beyonce
8. PC or MAC?
-Mac. It makes my mind less chaotic.
9. What got you in to blogging?
- My love for fashion photography and how many clothes I own. I need to blog more, but it's hard to take the time to shoot myself when I'm always shooting others! I also wanted to point the camera at myself. It helps to do that every now and then so you can better relate to your models and help direct them.
10. Any Fashion Advice?
- Dress for your body type. Just because something is trendy, doesn't mean you have to wear it. Accentuate your best assets and learn what flatters your body and makes you feel and look great! And for those people who can wear anything, dress to fit your style and display your personality. Fashion is another creative outlet for you to have fun with.

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