In The Neckline Know: Cheat Sheet

The true testament of a chic chick isn’t so much about what she wears but how she wears it. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion on personal style but when it comes to accessories, the fastest way to go from vague to vogue is to know how to properly accentuate the neckline when putting the final touches on your ensemble. You may be asking yourself, “But how do I know what necklace to pick for this particular neckline?” Well you’re in luck because rather than flooding your friend with accessory selfies or bugging your oblivious boyfriend, simply refer to the In The Neckline Know: Cheat Sheet because when you listen to Lotus, you’re bound to be in good hands. Follow these simple style tips on the five fiercest necklines in today’s fashion scene and you’ll find yourself to accessorizing like fashion’s elite.

1. Halter Haute. Haltered looks are a staple this season so when you are sporting the staple of the season you have a couple options when it comes to your accessories. For a look that beams with confident energy, pair a pendant statement necklace such as the Tribal Statement Necklace below on the far right. However, it bears mentioning that all halter tops aren’t solids like the Cream Crochet Fringe Top featured below, some styles are pieced together with pattern. If you happen to be styling a top or dress with this particular motif, select a more simple necklace for optimal sophistication and a crisply chic finish.

2. In The Crew. The most popular and most classic of cuts, the crew neck is the universal style. This suggests that a crew neckline enables the wearer to wow their audience with practically any neck piece that they prefer. As you can see below at the left, the Crop of the List Crop Top was styled with a bib statement necklace. With a style selection such as this, you express a chic perspective. However, to the right, the A Chic Solution Crop Top wearer opts for a longer look, creating an upscale casual vibe, perfect for assuring that you are never overdressed or underdressed. Long, layered or any necklace style in between, the crew neckline is the only style that secures any and all accessory style.

3. Tank You Very Much. Tank tops are also a classic style when it comes to shirts so be sure that you’re bringing your best boldness with selecting a statement necklace for this staple style. Perhaps the most simple of necklines, the tank top is paired with extended statement strands such as the look featured below with the An Asymmetrical Statement Shirt. When you’re rocking a tank, it’s time to play with layering pieces and bright beading. Therefore, don’t shy away from several strands of accessories. Matter of fact, it’s strongly encouraged for solid shirts. However, if the particular tank that you have in mind is heavily patterned, consider a contrast with a color pop pendant. For example, statement bib necklaces balance out bold tank tops in a spectacular way. Whether you’re looking for a look of simple sophistication or bold beauty, tell the right story by pairing perfect pieces with your perfect tank.

4. V is for Vogue. A trend that never seems to go out of style, the v-neck neckline is a tricky style when it comes to accessorizing. The wild card of necklines, this style is all about storytelling. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, style is the true first impression and tells a story about who you are before you ever speak. With that being said, we can discuss the story that you may be trying to tell or avoid telling before the next time you style yourself in a v-neck shirt. From a simple white t to a cocktail dress, this neckline is sure to be spotted in any setting so it’s important to play in the right way. When it comes to casual occasions, long and layered says that you are cutely casual and don’t take yourself to seriously, most simply, this is how you get the effortless essence. However, the key is that your longer looks should extend at least several inches beyond the neckline itself for an outstanding statement. This is great for dressing up you errand attire but not suggested for semiformal or formal affairs. If you intend to style yourself in v-neck for an upscale occasion, bibs and big pendants or simply bare-chested will play off as a cool contrast to your plunging neckline. Counteract the crisp cut with a short statement necklace or opt for a bare chest for the cleanest style. Do not allow your accessory to mingle with the neckline of your attire when you are dressing up a v-neck. There should be a concise contrast between the two with this particular style, as seen below with the Ivory Different Crop Top.

5. A Busy Bib. Whether it be a playsuit or sundress, necklines with heavy embellishment don’t require a necklace at all. There can be too much of a good thing so while being bold is a blast, avoid looking crass by avoiding an overwhelming ensemble. Rather, choose accessories such as energetic earrings or a colorful cuff. Example: As pictured below, the Right To Remain Vibrant Crop Top and the Blue and Me Forever Blouse are obviously different but both are equally incredible statement pieces. However, either could easily become overwhelmed by adding further detail to the neckline.

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