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 Ok, so if you had to choose the most amazingly addicting kind of social media, what would you pick? Easy answer: Pinterest! Pinterest opens up our minds and picks our brains for any and all crafty ideas and shows us bits of fashion that make us swoon with wistfulness! We scroll and scroll and scroll until our eyes burn and we STILL can't get enough of the savvy style sharing that goes on within this fabulous website. Well, we all know how fantastic Pinterest is. Want to know how much more fantastic it just became?! We just found out that you can chat on Pinterest, and even have group chatting messages! After looking over this article, we've decided that we're about to have a whole new kind of addiction to one of our favorite social media sites! So this is how the messaging goes... First, hover your mouse over the pin you're hoping to send on to your friend and it will look like the Mint and Orange Romper picture below.

Once you've hovered long enough to see the Pin it and Send links, click the send link and it will come up with a box for you to type in the name of your friend who you'd like to send the pin to! It should look a little something like this...

Click on their name and then you'll see the picture of the pin move above a text box where you'll say whatever's on your mind to your Pinterest pal!

After typing your message, just hit the Enter button on your keyboard and your message will send and appear in a dark grey color, and now all you do is wait for your fellow pinner to write back!

If you want your message to minimize so that you can continue browsing, just click the little bubble to the bottom left of the chat box and it will minimize. Thankfully, the bubble will remain on your screen so that you can see a notification when your friend replies. We think that this is such a cool new feature from Pinterest, and we hope that you take advantage of it! Also, don't forget to follow us on Pinterest! Just search for Lotus Boutique and then feel free to peruse all of our pins and boards.

Here's to some happy Pinning, LotusLoves!

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