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July 28, 2014 4 min read


If you're going through sorority recruitment, get excited! Sorority rush week is such an adventure. We know that every rushee has a ton of questions about what to wear, and that having the ideal outfit can seem over-whelming when there's so much to take into consideration! If you're going through sorority recruitment, this article is for you! We have done our research and are just so excited to share all that we have learned with our LotusLoves!

If you are a little hazy on what you should wear for sorority recruitment at your school, log on to the panhellenic website for your new alma mater! On their site, they should have their specific dress codes for rush easy to find and ready for you to read! Recruitment dress codes vary from school to school, but the types of parties and days seem to be common across the board! This general day by day guidebook should give you some much needed inspiration and hopefully de-stress your pre-rush experience!

Pre-Rush Orientation Orientation is going to be a time where you learn about what the recruitment process is like and how to make the most of your rush week. You will also meet your counselor that will be your go-to girl all throughout the week! Even though this is just an informative session, and you won't be really in contact with the sororities as a whole, this is definitely not the time to rock the nike shorts and oversized t-shirt look. You will want a cute and casual ensemble that you're comfortable in. We think a casual romper or some shorts and sandals would be the perfect pick!

Ice Water Teas

These first days of parties are exactly what you've been saving that sundress for! These are short parties that you'll go to every sorority for. They'll get to know the basics about you, and you'll get a feel for what they're all about as well! Since this is your first interaction with the chapters, you'll definitely want to make the best first impression possible! We suggest wearing your favorite sandals with a casual and lightweight sundress since you'll be doing a lot of walking from sorority to sorority! Pick a sundress that suits your style but doesn't give you away entirely! This is a great day to wear some small patterns or a pretty and casual solid colored dress!

Philanthropy Days

The next round of sorority recruitment is a philanthropy day where the sororities show you a bit about their special causes that they raise funds for throughout the year. Most panhellenic councils will supply rushees with t-shirts to wear for these days, so they usually suggest wearing shorts that go well with the t-shirt! Some schools may not mind if you wear denim shorts with your t-shirt, but most schools in the south will have rushees wearing dressy shorts and cute flats that will look great with the color of that sorority's t-shirt!

Skit Day

On Skit day of sorority recruitment, you will need a fancier dress than the one you wore for the ice water teas at the beginning of the week. This cute look will need to be a happy medium between a sundress and cocktail dress. A dress for skit day should be something you'd wear to a wedding or graduation! We think some pretty and simple accessories are key, as well as some dressier sandals or wedges. However, if you do opt for some height on skit day we suggest packing a pair of sandals to walk in between the parties and sorority houses since you will be on your feet for so long, and you will still need to put your best foot forward in all of the chapters you'll be visiting!

Preference Day

Preference day is the dressiest of all the sorority rush days: This is the day you want your most stunning and elegant dress, unless your school's panhellenic website suggests different attire! We suggest that you pick a color that looks good on you. Think about something that you would wear to a holiday celebration - not something you'd wear to the homecoming dance in high school. Don't wear anything too revealing or risky. Play it safe and pretty for these parties, and wear some wedges or heels that coordinate well with your dress! Nude shoes always work well and don't forget some pretty earrings or a great necklace that will complete the look!

Bid Day

Last but certainly not least, the day that sorority recruitment week leads up to: BID DAY! Get ready to meet your new sisters and spend the day in comfortable and very casual shorts compared to the early part of the week! Don't wear athletic shorts, but maybe some cute denim or plain white shorts! You're going to want to wear a tight tank with your shorts so that you can throw on your new sorority letters as soon as you get your bid day shirt! Wear some flat shoes and minimal accessories to meet a chapter full of your new best friends!

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