Sweet On Greek: Style Guide


A new semester is just around the corner which signifies a fresh start, new beginnings and for many Lotus lovers, Rush Week. Of course your spectacular personality should secure your spot in the sorority of your dreams but when it comes to grabbing the best bid, your style is just a crucial as your credentials. With only a few moments at each house, it’s important to make those moments count and be sure that you stand out for all the right reasons. No need to worry because we're here to dish on how to get the Greek life look, from manicures to monograms and everything in between. By following these simple steps for sorority style, you allow yourself to leave a lasting impression on your soon-to-be sisters.

1. Shades of Summer. Crisp and clean colors are key to creating a captivating ensemble that is sure to capture attention at any chapter. Despite the differing dress codes with each round of rush, one element is unwavering and that is the prominent presence of essential summer shades. This year, the hottest hues to hunt for leading up to the big week include orchid, hemlock green and freesia yellow. Bright hues like these bring forth your bright personality and fresh flavor for fashion. When selecting stylish tones for your perfect sundress, the key is to select shades that will compliment your complexion and general coloration as well as showcasing your shape. Remember that your style tells a story about who you are before you even speak and color plays a big part in that nonverbal communication so let your look tell the right story by impressing with a polished appearance that isn’t overpowering.

2. Alpha Accessories. Quality comes before quantity when considering accessories for a rush ready outfit. Select simple statements rather than an array of eclectic items for a sophisticated and refined style. For example, a couple of your cutest bracelets and staple watch create an incredible cluster without overcrowding arm candy. Secondly, a simple clutch or cross-body bag is ideal for the occasion, giving you a perfect place to keep your phone and favorite lip color for on-the-go touch ups. Also, sororities and monograms go together hand in hand so personalized pieces such as an engraved cuff or necklace adds to your polished look. However, don’t go overboard with the initials because in this case, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Your accessories like all other aspects of your ensemble should come off as clean-cut and polished. Speaking of polish, play it prim with a simple mani to complete your crisp look with sophistication. Details are definitely noteworthy in the pledge process so keep an acute eye on your ensemble's seemingly insignificant factors to allow yourself to climb the collegiate social scene in sorority style.

3. Get a wedge on the competition. As you dash from Delta to Zeta and back to Kappa, chic comfort is key. According to a majority of rushes, way more walking goes into Rush Week than they had anticipated. It isn't called "rush" for nothing. The right shoes are essential to gaining an edge on the competition and further securing your sorority future. In the words of Tom Ford, shoes are “who you are. They change the way you walk, the way you move.” This fashion icon makes a good point so consider the significance that your footwear plays before the occasion comes. With options from stilettos to sandals and everything in between, wedges are easily the best bet for all events leading up to Bid Day. Wedges lift you, physically and emotionally. Paired with your sensational sundress from Lotus, these stylish shoes give your legs extension and elegance as you strut down Old Row on your way to the next house.

Secure your Sorority Ever After by following the suggestions in the Sweet On Greek: Style Guide in your pursuit towards sorority success. When it comes down to it, presentation is important in all aspects of your life whether we’d like to admit it or not. This begs the question, why not be your best for Bid Day and beyond? If this is the question on your mind, the answer is yes. Be your best, inside and out, as often as possible. Do it for your soon-to-be sisters. Do it for fun. Do it for fashion. But most importantly, do it for yourself. From hair to heel, you have a lot to consider when recreating sorority style so keep it crisp and cute to increase your chances at snagging the best bid. Pair your newfound knowledge with your knockout personality and the Greek scene is yours for the taking.

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