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hey, y'all!

i'm Christen Strang - an artist + graphic designer from the great state of Alabama  - and i create things that make people happy. i am a self-proclaimed font nerd, color enthusiast, and lowercase letter lover. i started my greeting card business, letterhappy, in january of 2009 and poured my heart and soul into it for almost five years before opening my second business, happytatts (trendy temporary tattoos), in september of 2013. i just recently expanded into the wedding stationery market with my first bridal expo in march of 2014.

whether you're looking for a cute, quirky greeting card to send to a loved one, a temporary tattoo to freak out your friends and family, beautiful modern wedding + shower invites, abstract canvas art, or a logo for your business / blog, i'm your girl! check out my products + portfolio at the top of the page and find me on social media down at the bottom. i absolutely cannot wait to work with you!

xo, christen

We were able to sit down with this talented girl and ask a few #fashionable questions!

Here is what we got!

1. What's your favorite fashion trend this season? 

i'm a huge fan of breezy kimonos, patterned shorts, and anything floral. my favorite colors for summer are teal, mint, and peach.

2. Favorite makeup line?

honestly, i don't wear a ton of makeup, but one thing i can't live without (especially during the summer!) is my maybelline waterproof mascara. that stuff could last through a hurricane!

3. Movie Star CRUSH?

Johnny Depp. forever and always.

4. Vampire or Werewolf?

i'm gonna go with pirates if that's okay. ;)

5. Favorite Pantone Color of all time?

back in 2010, the color of the year was "turquoise".. between you and me, it's more "teal", but whatever you want to call it, it's dreamy perfection.

6. Fashion Icon?

i'm not even ashamed to admit that i have a massive girl crush on kiera knightly, and as far as fashion goes, kate middleton can do no wrong. she's the perfect blend of proper, modern, and classy without being stuffy and pretentious. and who wouldn't want to have an excuse to pull off a fascinator like she does? (wait, am i sensing a theme here? those brits have got it going on.)

7. Most important woman in history?

i believe in being kind above all else, so i would have to go with mother teresa. her endless love, selflessness, and caring for other people is just mindblowing. obviously, not all of us will be able to change the world like she did, but if you can reach just one person with a simple gesture such as a smile or a compliment, you might literally have no idea what impact that can make on his/her life. one of my favorite quotes by her sums that up perfectly: "let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love."

8. PC or MAC?

i'm a graphic designer, so i'm a mac girl all the way! i love the huge screens and even better.. no viruses!

9. What got you in to blogging?

it's always been something that i've wanted to do.. this just felt like the perfect time to start! sometimes tweets and instagram posts just can't convey everything that i'd like to say. it's also a great place to let people know what's going on with my business, including new product launches, sales, and sneak peeks into my process.

10. Any Fashion Advice?

stay true to what you love. it sounds cheesy, but BE YOU. just because something is a "trend" doesn't mean you have to follow it. if you feel confident, comfortable, and like a million bucks, you'll turn heads. in a good way.  

Find Lotus Boutique's favorite "HappyTatts" here!

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