A Whimsical Walk

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Welcome to a fashion fairytale, full of effortless elegance and exciting accents. As a child, we all fantasized over our Happily Ever Afters, marked by Price Charming, a castle and crown. With age, we have come to realize that these aspirations are slightly unrealistic. Therefore, while you may not have acquired these royal amenities, your style can still be a testament to your storybook fantasies. From LA to NYC, London to Milan, ready-to-wear fashion has taken a turn towards the trend of all things whimsical. Born from many designers’ unrequited royal aspirations, whimsical wear is inspired by fairytale nostalgia and flowerchild elements. We’re certain that you’ve seen this style from music festivals to Fashion Week. This begs the question, “Just because I’m not the queen of the castle or a Disney princess, why shouldn’t I be allowed to look castle-cute?” Thanks to Lotus’s “A Whimsical Walk” lookbook, now you can rule the style scene with tremendous taste.




By following this lookbook, you are destine to be a fashion sensation in any situation this season. Firstly, billowing palazzos, pleated skirts, crop tops and fringe are all flowing fashions and are a major factor in rocking whimsical wear. The idea behind these billowing elements is to create motion in your outfit, adding interest and elegance. Secondly, dare to dabble in prints when working a whimsical chic ensemble. From aztec to a kaleidoscope of color, have fun with fashion. Playing with prints is always a wonderful way to share your sensational style with the world. Lastly, accessories are everything. Whimsical style requires distinctive details. With accessories such as a bushel of bangles or layered necklaces, you create a cleverly cute contrast for your smooth-flowing style. In addition to these elements, cross-body bags and gladiator sandals also complete your whimsical wear. Now that you’ve followed these simple steps for creating a perfect whimsical style, top of your trendy look with a flower crown because although may not be of nobility, you are still a whimsical princess in your own storybook.




Take a walk on the wild side of style as you step out in looks like the ones featured here. Whether you are day-drifting or gearing up for an evening out, consider a look that allows a juxtaposition between reality and your fairytale fantasy. Fringe, flowing and festive frocks are all essential to executing this lovely look. By following the “A Whimsical Walk” lookbook, clad in all things castle-cute, your outfit is the Happily Ever After that you deserve.

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