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June 05, 2018 4 min read

All About the Little White Dress

Whether you are a bride to be, about to graduate or just needing a white dress for a special occasion, Lotus Boutique brings you white dresses galore in all the latest looks and trendy styles that will make this occasion one you will never forget! Learn how to rock your little white frock with this white dress design guide made easy. Get to know each white dress style to see which design works best for you!

Get your spring and summer white dress fix with a fashionable assortment of white dress styles to choose from in Lotus Boutique’s White Dresses Collection.

 White Lace Dress

#1: Lovely in Lace

Whether you like a traditional style dress or one that’s trendy, you can’t ever go wrong with a little white dress in lace. White lace dresses are a category all their own as they are available in a wide variety of styles to choose from to suit your preference and always fashionable.

Sleeveless White Lace Dress

Lace is often a white dress choice because of its simple design that is elegant and sophisticated. Intricate lace detail adds depth to your look and a layer of softness that is romantic and feminine, perfect for accentuating your curves. This delicate design makes for a flawless silhouette that is ultra-flattering on a woman’s figure. So if you’re struggle on which white dress style is the best for you, remember this:

“When in doubt, lace it out!”

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#2- Classic Dress Styles for the Chic Fashion Lovers

 Classic White Dresses

You know the saying “less is more” and this holds true even in the fashion world. A simply structured, high-quality dress design can make a stronger fashion statement than a decked out dress with all the bells and whistles. These classic dress designs have proven their power, as their timeless style has lasted through the ages.


#3- Modern Dress Styles for the Trendsetter 

Stand out from the ordinary little white dress in the latest trends of the season for an ultra-glam look that’s perfect for the ultimate fashionista. These white dresses are the ultimate head-turners guaranteed to make a statement and leave a long lasting impression. Even a touch of trendy detail can make a fashionable impact that’s snapshot worthy.

Off the Shoulder White Dresses

Currently topping the charts in dress design trends, every variation of sleeve styles from off the shoulder to fluttery bell sleeves is essential for making the ultimate fashion statement. Ruffle accents are also popular and the flowy movement it adds to your dress is so fun and flattering! Whatever style you choose, make sure you go all out in a fashion-forward white dress, because you are a trendsetter after all.

Shoulder Detail White Dresses

Shop our Off the Shoulder & Cold Shoulder Trend Collection to get these looks.

One style sure to pack a punch is a white dress with open back detail. Varying backless styles range from a cute keyhole cutout to a sexy deep-V design. Open back styles aren’t just for the daring, as there are many sophisticated options to choose from that are equally fashionable and flattering.

Tie Back White Dress

Shop our Open Back Detail Collection & Backless Dresses Collection for the latest looks.

#4- Breezy Sundress Styles  

Nothing is more whimsical and feminine than a wispy chic white summer dress. This easy breezy white dress style is always up for an adventure and down for a good time. Sheer flowy layers and soft ruffle accents can be found on many of the dressier styles. Simple silhouettes and casual fabrics are a few relaxed sundress features that are great for afternoon outdoor occasions.White Sundress

These styles can easily be dressed up or down and ideal for those who prefer a more casual and comfortable dress. These white dresses are great for date-night and beach vacation!

White Sundress

Browse our Sundresses CollectionDate Night Dresses Collection for more dresses with a similar look.

Tips on Accessorizing your Little White Dress

What all white dresses have in common is the way they are styled. Here are a few tricks of the trade to keep in mind when putting the final touches on your LWD look!

  • The first way to get your fashion fix with your little white dress is sticking to the essentials in neutrals. In your bright whites, sometimes it’s best to stay simple and chic by sticking with a fresh fashion palette. An immaculately tailored white sundress doesn’t necessarily need additional colors to stand strong. Pair with a nude colored shoe or even a metallic, dainty jewelry and cute clutch for an eye-catching ensemble that's classy & fabulous.
  • Embrace the essence of spring by pairing your LWD with pastels. From lavender tassel earrings to blush-colored heels, soft shades of pastel accessories accentuate your fresh fashion look with a semi-bold blend. Using pastels to complement your dress expresses your fun personality through creative use of color. And sometimes, dusty hues and light-wash pastels give you a more refined, elegant look than a vivid mix of saturated colors.

  • Perhaps you’d rather opt for a pop with your optic white style. For the lady who likes to make a statement, refer to Pantone’s palette to find the hottest hues of the season to fuse into your fashion. From kinetic blue nails to ultra violet liner, a small pop of a vibrant color is all you need to glam up your look! Fashion meets function as you pair this look with a citrus clutch to safely execute the electric white look, seeing as this is the perfect place to stash a bleach pen to be safe for potential spills. No matter how fabulous we are, it happens to the best of us. Bold and beautiful, this style is for the fearless and fashion-forward. 

The little white dress is a classic and acceptable for any occasion so when in doubt, white it out. No matter how you rock your little white frock, make it your own as you infuse your own favorite flair. If you haven’t found the perfect LWD yet, you’re in luck because Lotus is your little white dress source for the best selection.


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