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April 28, 2014 3 min read

From timeless to trendy, we have broken down the good, the bad, and the basic to bring you the Best Boutique Buys of S/S 2014.

1. Crop Tops. From the catwalk to the city streets, these tiny tops are everywhere this season. This chic style should be sophisticated yet sexy, at least if done correctly. Do: Combine your crop top with a skirt or shorts that hits high waist. This provides a stunning silhouette and reveals the right amount of ab while still looking fab. Don't: Sport your crop top with hip hugging pants. This subtracts substance and style from the look. As previously stated, this style should look chic not cheap.

2. Little White Dress.A must-have, the little black dress has a fresh new friend. A color to keep you cool and crisp throughout the sunny seasons, this trend has been a long time coming. Mini to maxi, a little white dress is an ethereal essential that looks lovely in any light. Do: Style for your specific style. Whether you keep it classic or pair it with pops of color, let your look illuminate with personalized poise. Don't:Forget the bleach. Save your style and wash your spring whites with bleach to keep them crisp and never creamy. A travel size bleach brush is a style saving investment because let's face it, we're not perfect. Salvage your style from uh-oh moments such as spills and stains. If you haven't found your little white dress yet, you're in luck. Lotus has got you covered with the most stylish selection.

3. Festival Fashion.Inspired by retro revival, this is a major trend of 2014. When flowerchild fashion meets nineties nuance, festival fashion is born. An acute eye for the eccentric and a sense of boho boldness are crucial in executing this trend. Do: Have fun with it. Be bold and be fearless. The more you put into your festival fashion look the more you will get out of it.This trend breaks the status quo of style and does so unapologetically. Don't: Be boring. If your style is simple and subdued, festival fashion may not be for you. This look is for the delightfully dramatic who write their own rules. Camping out at Coachella (like Vanessa Hudgens, pictured below) or cruising to a local festival affair, bold and bright accurately encapsulate the essence of the radical revolution that is festival fashion.

5. Nineties Nostalgia. A blast from the past, the nineties are back and in a big way. Clueless to Crop Tops, today's top trends are nineties nuance. Glamorous and grunge, the nineties were bold, busy and anything but boring. Graphic elements and retro revival statement accessories are a fun yet fabulous way to embrace this season's hottest throwback trend. Do: Pick pop pieces. Make a splash this summer with a look that embraces this spectacular style through elements of the era. Don't: Create a costume. A loud look in itself, this period of pop culture is fun,flirty and unforgettable. Therefore, there is no reason to rip off your aunt's yearbook from 1993 to be on point with this trend. Get the look with elements that reflect the style. By creating a total nineties ensemble, it can easily look like a costume. Whether you go for a look like Saved By The Bell's Kelly Kapowski or more like Cher from Clueless, know that you'll thrill in your nineties throwback ensemble while getting ahead of the fashion curve on this summer's most highly anticipated style.

4. Playing with Prints.Dabble in detail this season with pattern blocking. Riding a fine line between fierce and frivolous, this trend treads on thin ice. To pull off this looks, first and foremost, find patterns and palettes that both clash and coordinate for a style the reflects unconventional unity. Playful and posh, this look relies on confidence and creativity. Do: Pull inspiration before you pair. This right-off-the-runway look is a risk worth taking in the name of fashion. Minimize the risk and rely on designer status symbols of style for a look that is foolproof and fearless, rather than a fashion flop. Just because designer deals can be detrimental to your wallet doesn't mean that you can't get the look. Find inspiration in designer fashion and make it your own locally for far less. Don't:Forget your fit. Patterns in general can be tricky when it comes to flattering the figure and this trend certainly does not make that any easier. Pick pattern that accentuate and embody your specific shape. Evident from the runway shows of fashion's elite from McQueen to Marc Jacobs, this loud look has been dubbed as the most daring looks of the season.

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