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April 10, 2014 3 min read

Coachella, ella, ay, ay, ay

“Coachella, ella, ay, ay, ay” has been the constant theme song playing in my head leading up to this year’s festival season. Like most women with somewhere to be, and when that somewhere is THEE place to be seen, preparation is the key! When I got the news I would be attending Coachella, I was practically bursting with joy! Next, the obvious hair appointment was made, along with time set aside for a fresh mani and pedi. Finally, the 3 most important tasks of all: finding something to wear, getting the scoop on the after parties, and not forgetting that darn bottle of sunscreen my mom keeps bugging me about!

Using the term fashionista would be more than stretch for me, but nonetheless, I was dedicated to finding the perfect pieces for Coachella! However, attending one of the nation’s biggest festivals, that is well-known for its trendy attendees, can be slightly overwhelming. The pressure was on and I had to ensure I was well primed for the masses of Instagram photos that were sure to be uploaded! I took to the Gram first: #Coachella #Boho #Hippie #MusicFestivalFashion were just a few among the long list of researched hashtags. The time spent Instagraming “Coachella attire” had definitely surpassed time spent creeping on any of my ex’s profiles. Next, I visited the website of my favorite boutique, Lotus, to get a few more ideas. Let me say, I most definitely have a new-found appreciation for their Spring 2014 Look Book. Now, with a general concept of what to wear, I was ready to shop! Lucky for me, it only took 2 online orders and 3 (ok maybe 4) trips to the mall to get everything I needed. Although, Coachella has more than enough festivities to keep you busy onsite, there is plenty of mischief to get into around town. Coachella holds a reputation of throwing some of the most notorious “before and after” parties. Pool parties held during the day to cool you off from that hot Indio heat, and parties at night featuring surprise performers and the hottest DJ’s. The acts as a go-to-guide for some insider info. . Unfortunately, most of the industry events that they listed are all about “who you know” and making the cut on the “list”. I know the possibility of rubbing elbows with your favorite celeb sounds much more exciting, but there are others events that are worth checking out. Travelgrom, list a few shindigs that will save you the embarrassment of getting turned away at the door. As long as you RSVP and refrain from showing up fashionably late, entry is practically guaranteed! With my outfits picked out, schedule of events planned, all I needed was a drink in my hand and Friday to hurry up and arrive. However, if I intended on making it through the entire weekend well bodied and able, it was probably a good idea to listen to my mom about that sunscreen. After being forwarded a Coachella 2014 Survival Guide, I realized that I would need more than a cute outfit and flower headband. does an awesome job of reminding us of the things we may forget in the midst of shopping and self-pampering. Now that I am completely festival ready, all that’s left to do is play the wait game. My daydreams of seeing such amazing artist perform and experiencing Coachella with an awesome group of people, are about to become a reality! 5’oclock come on, so we can get this unforgettable weekend started!

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