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It’s that time of year again, where it seems like each weekend is welcomed by yet another spring wedding. Weddings are a time to remind us of what is truly important like friends, fairy tale love, but In truth, it is the bride’s time to shine but why shouldn’t you look you best too? With this in mind, we present this lookbook for any blushing beauty who is subjected to the stress of finding an exquisite ensemble for this spring’s wedding season.

Far too often, people sacrifice fashion for fleeting trends. Choosing a stunning yet trendy dress may seem like a spectacular selection in that moment but all too often, by the time the photos reach Facebook, your trendy choice is already outdated. We’re certain that in the eighties, someone thought that the puffy sleeves and teased bangs were a tasteful trend too...yikes. Bearing this in mind, the next time that you’re browsing for a fresh, fun and flirty dress for the next wedding celebration, be sure to remember B.F.F; Bride, Fun, and Future. First and foremost, make sure that whatever it is that you want to wear, that it’s something that the bride will be okay with and avoid a bridezilla. Secondly, what is a wedding without a little fun? Ensure that the event will be enjoyable by selecting a dress that is both fashionable and functional, Last but not least, don’t forget the future. As previously mentioned, trends of today are over tomorrow. The most lovely looks are marked by fresh, timeless and fashionable elements for a look that is unforgettably fabulous today, tomorrow, and ten years from now. By remembering these three things, you’ll be certain to select the perfect piece to complete an incredible look this wedding season.

We at Lotus are suggesting these looks for all of your seasonal receptions and I am here to explain just what makes these looks the perfect pick. In these dresses, you are bound to be a pop of pastel perfection. When it comes to a semiformal wedding in the spring, you can never go wrong with light colors and lace. Short and simple, make a subtle statement in these dresses. For an outdoor setting, put away the pumps and wear your favorite wedges. This will minimize awkward situations such as a heel getting stuck or worse, a fall and we’re not referring to falling in love. However, indoor affairs warrant haute heels for your fun and flirty look.

In these looks, you won’t need to battle for a bouquet to ensure an inevitable romance in your future. All that it takes is these lovable Lotus looks to steal the attention of your spring sweetheart. Eyes will wander from the aisle as you arrive in a dress as delightful as these. Pair your ensemble with a simple clutch and statement jewelry for boldest beauty. Lotus is married to fashion and from the trendy to the timeless, we have the most stunning selection of spring looks to take your style to the next level.

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