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Those extra six weeks of winter didn’t stop our minds from wandering to sunnier days and festival dreams, and the festival gods could tell. They hit us with stellar lineups all over the country and now all we can think about is the start of festival season. Aside from what our bosses, professors, and grandparents think it takes a lot of time and effort to plan for festival season. I mean…what are we going to wear!? There are SO many routes you can take to plan your suitcase for the most sought out music events of the year, and no matter what your boyfriend tells you…it is a fashion show.  You don’t want to get lost in the sea of tie-dye, Aztec, and denim, although we love all of those trends. You want to be comfortable, yet stylish, and you don’t want to bare all for the world to see. Trust me...jumping up and down in a string bikini is not a sight for the faint of heart (I am the faint of heart). Also, bloggers, designers, and fashion heads from all over the world travel to festivals to get inspiration, and you want to be that one that inspires. So we thought... why not take a note from the main event, the artists you came to see. They all have that somethin’ somethin’ that makes them stand out, and we want to stand out to them. Heading to our home festival, Hangout Music Fest, for inspiration we get a very inspiring very eclectic group of headliners and our shopping addiction is happy. Our 2014 festival fashion inspiration will come from: The Black Keys, Outkast, The Killers, and Jack Johnson. Talk about eye candy.

The Black Keys:

Oh…that beard Dan, and those glasses Patrick who cares what they wear. But if they didn’t already have it all going on in the looks department they’ve got it all going on in their closets too. Turning their rock in roll grunge look into a feminine festival version is as easy as staring at these two handsome men for an hour. If you fancy the stylings of these two men, might we suggest staying loose and cool with a touch of edge. This is a time for denim. Grab a pair of high waisted cut offs, a slightly oversized plain white tee tucked in just sloppy enough to look effortless, that perfect pair of rock n roll sunnies, some studded bracelets, gladiator sandals and our “flying first class floral and fringe wrap” and you’re Black Keys inspired look will get you double takes all day. There is a time to make a statement and there is a time to keep it classic. This classic jeans and t-shirt inspired look will never go out of style and gives you room to express yourself with accessories. Rock on sister and go show The Black Keys you are nothing like their ex girl.



Now here is a duo that likes to make a statement. Their favorite old proverb as said on their Facebook page is “talent does what it can, genius does what it must.” We believe if you choose the styling’s of Outkast then you are a genius my friend. Taking playful colors and classic patterns is Andre 3000 and Big Bois specialty and why mess with perfection? Choosing this inspiration for festival fashion is bold and genius…time to make a statement darling. Pairing our “Tribe Vibe Tribal Printed Pants” with a loose fitting solid crop top, some bright colored sunnies, a long pendant necklace, and all the bracelets your heart desires will give you just the look to dance your heart away to “Hey Ya” all night long.


 The Killers:

Well these men are very much a “suit and tie” kind of band. I’m curious to see if they will pull out their OC soundtrack style for the festival this year. Taking a walk down OC memory lane, I think their Song Mr. Brightside was the perfect soundtrack song back then and it is the perfect beach festival song now. So pretending like we are Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood is our sexy bad boy boyfriend, (what? I know you all dreamed you were them too…or was that just me?) We should obviously dress nautical yet bohemian. Pairing our “Green and White Maxi Dress” with our “White Cross Stitched Wrap” will give you that Marissa inspired look you were always trying to achieve. Now go put on a head wrap, dance to “Smile Like You Mean It,” brut over your own boyfriend, and your dreams of being Marissa Cooper are now a reality. You’re Welcome.

 Jack Johnson:

When I think Jack Johnson I think beach bonfire, acoustic guitar, and lots and lots of lace. Could Hangout have gotten it anymore perfect? Jack Johnson on the beach, yes, please. Jack is a no muss no fuss kind of guy, so this is the perfect time to pull out your minimalistic attitude you wish you had. Put on our “Free Spirit Maxi” get yourself a flower crown, stop by one of those body paint vendors and don’t even think about shoes…You’re on the beach anyway! This is the time to bask in the sunset, listen to Jack, and let go of all your troubles. Less is more flower child. Maybe he’ll just play in the middle of the crowd while we all sit cross-legged and sing along…maybe.


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