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March 17, 2014 2 min read

Keeping Up with The Lotuses! I'm so in love with our Lotus team! We work well together, always cooperating and being respectful to one another. We have the Lotus vision in mind at all times, endlessly collaborating and bringing our unique talents to the table. But most of all, we're a group of ladies who just have a blast being together, and I think that's what makes us special! Because of this, we are busily and energetically dancing around in the fashion world, with something fun going on at all times. We have 8 stores, our online boutique, and we're continuing to grow all the time! There are so many ways to keep up with us- we're all on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and some of us are on Twitter. Following us around will help you keep up with our trends, what items are hot and going fast, and most importantly, secret deals that are only displayed on certain social networks! Here are the various ways to keep up with all of your favorite Lotuses!  


Lotus Boutique- Mobile Location

Located in: Mobile, Alabama in the Bel Air Shopping Mall             1601783_3853186623563_1324924065_o

Lotus Boutique Pinebrook 

 LocationLocated in: Mobile, Alabama in the Pinebrook Shopping Center    


Lotus Boutique Eastchase Location

 Located in: Montgomery, Alabama in the Eastchase Shopping Center  



Lotus Boutique Patton Creek


Located in: Birmingham, Alabama in the Patton Creek Shopping Center


Lotus Boutique Summit Location

 Located in: Birmingham, Alabama in The Summit Shopping Center     1504226_720132574678082_76868195_o           

Lotus Boutique Webbgin Location

 Located in: Snellville, Georgia in the Webbgin Shopping Center    


Lotus Boutique Online

 Website: Lotus Boutique

Follow us on Instagram: @lotusboutiqueonline

Friend us on Facebook: Lotus Boutique

Follow us on Pinterest: Lotus Boutique Online

Follow us on Twitter: @Lotusboutiques       


As you can see, there are so many ways to keep up with your favorite Lotuses! You can follow us all or find the store location nearest you and keep up with all of their updates. Regardless of which you choose, make sure to follow us for special social network deals and the latest fashion trends! Not to mention, if you can't find something online, one of our stores may have it and may be able to ship it to you! You can also keep up with your favorite models since most of them work in our own stores (I told you we were just plain awesome)! Have you participated in one of our "Flash Sales" via Instagram? Have you shopped at one of our locations? Comment below and let us know of your experience! We love keeping up with all of our customers as you all keep up with us!

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