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I've spotted a new fashion trend and I cannot get over it! I never thought that they would be in style again, but they are definitely making a comeback. Everyone, please welcome back to the field... Overalls! I've been seeing them around on fashion blogs and Pinterest for a while, but I thought it was only really high fashion New Yorkers and risk-takers that were a part of the trend, but not exactly. It seems that (thanks to the internet) overalls have come back around into the chic scene and that everyone and their sister is buying a new pair. And frankly, I couldn't be happier about it! I had countless pairs as a child (and admittedly as a teenager, as well) and my mom wore them in the 80s and 90s. When I showed her a picture of a pair of shorts overalls with a crop top she said, "Oh yeah, girl, that's exactly how we would wear them back in the day!"


The thing I love about overalls the most, and I think everyone will agree with me, is that they're so versatile! I know I say that a lot about clothes, but  that's what I look for in great pieces and that's what fashion is about- pairing, layering, mix-matching. It's sooo much more fun when you have a closet full of versatile pieces to play with! 

Overalls can be worn in a relaxed, urban style with a great pair of circle sunglasses and some white Chuck Taylor's (need I say I've spotted another major fashion trend?) or with a crop top. This look would have to be my favorite. It fits my personal style to the tee!

They can also be worn more maturely and with more glam by pairing them with heels, a great bag, and a simple shirt underneath. Just imagine a blazer over a pair of overalls- so stylish!

I can see it now... summer classes at the university and we're all wearing our favorite pair of overalls- and all differently. I will probably be sporting them with my collection of TOMS shoes and loose tee's. I can see others in crop tops, regular t-shirts, combat boots, and with sandals and flowers in hair. I hope they become as popular as they were when I was younger. They're denim and denim never really goes out of style, right? Hehe! How do you guys feel about this new trend? Will it find its way into your closet or is it still too soon to break them out again? How will you be wearing them if you get a pair? Girly or grungy? Comment below and let me know!

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