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March 11, 2014

Kimono Outfit

Kimonos have become a closet staple and must-have fashion for spring and summer! This warm season essential is more popular than ever with a variety of styles to choose from to complete your look!

What's the big deal about kimonos? Let's start with how versatile they are. Spring and summer are difficult months to predict the weather. Let's face it, one day it will be hot and sunny then the next day cloudy and cool. Kimonos make it easy to adapt to the weather since it's cool enough to wear on a hot day and warm enough to wear through a chilly one. Lightweight and breezy fabrics combined with a flowy silhouette makes the kimono a great layering piece. Longer kimonos, or dusters, and shorter kimono styles usually have the option of wrapping around the waist or tying in a front knot for another trendy look. Kimonos are also great transitional pieces to easily take you in the next season. As you can see, the versatility and functionality alone shows how amazing they are... and we aren't even to the best part yet.


Kimonos are such a stylish outfit piece that designers really go all out when it comes to their aesthetic and design. From fine woven solid colored fabrics to silky fabrics with graphic prints, you can find just about any style out to suit your liking. You essentially categorize kimonos into a few specific styles:

#1- Bohemian Influenced

These kimono designs range from multi-colored tie-dye to solid-colored knit trimmed in fringe. Since kimonos are flowy and free-spirited pieces already, how you style the kimono with your outfit is how you can classify your look as bohemian. 

One way to do this is layering over a cute crop top and high-waist shorts combo. Wear with layered necklaces or a funky pair of earrings and sandals or booties, depending on your setting, for a completed look perfect for festivals, road trips or night bonfires. We love a boho kimono that's more on the feminine side too. You can go for an all-over floral print or one made of all lace or crochet, and that's just two out of many options available. Depending on the current trends of the season, you can complete your outfit with a boho chic kimono and rock your outfit all spring and summer long!

Kimono Collection


#2- Classy & Chic

These kimono designs are simple in nature, less bold and daring and more on the sophisticated side. These kimonos are great for everyone and make a great gift. Most importantly, these kimonos match any style outfit since they are often neutral in color and overall design. These look great over a plain tee or tank and a pair of jeans! Although, you can easily layer them over any kind of top and bottoms combo or even a dress too!

#3- Bold & Trendy

If you want to make the ultimate fashion statement, go for a bold and trendy style kimono! Meant to pack a punch and be the star of the show, these kimonos usually feature bright colors and all-over graphic designs. Go all out with statement jewelry and other fun accessories to complete your look.

Kimono Dusters


As you can see, you can style any fashionable kimono in just about every way imaginable! This makes for one fashion essential you need in your closet ASAP!


Kimonos can be worn with plain tees, fun detailed ones, dresses, shorts, jeans, wedges, and boots-- need we say anything else? They are definitely a must have for spring and summer. We have so many great ones to choose from, so visit our website, find a favorite (or 2, we won't complain), and style your way into the sunshine and vacation seasons!

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