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February 10, 2014 3 min read

The hearts, the candy, the dates... Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Eeep! I'm not usually a big V-Day celebrator, but I always do a little something and they have all turned out sweet :) I personally think the holiday is a little cheesy, but hey.. I don't mind getting chocolates and a nice dinner! In preparation for this lovely holiday, we here at Lotus have gathered our best tips to get you Sweetheart Ready! 

Valentine's Day Ready!

  • The Dress- I am absolutely in love with our All For You dress for Valentine's Day. It's flirty, feminine, perfect for my body type and it fits in with my personal style. These are always what I base my V-Day outfit on. I want it to be fun and cute, I want to express my feminism, I want it to fit just right, and I want it to be me. With these in mind, you can always find the perfect outfit for any occasion!
  • The Shoes- It got a little warmer here finally, so I think I'm going to show off my legs a little in this dress and skip the tights. I'm going to wear these awesome black heels that  I think fit the look I'm going for. They add another bit of flirty to my dress and help accentuate my legs (which I chose to accentuate since I feel like they're my best feature) :) Shoes can always help make your outfit that much more put-together if chosen correctly: go for occasion-appropriate, comfort (or not... hehe), and the right color to compliment your clothes.
  • The Hair- My guy prefers my hair naturally curly, so for this fun holiday I think I'll wear it like that just for him! A natural, down do is so perfect for Valentine's Day and I think it goes great with the floral dress, too! I personally think down do's are more flirty and sexy, but I also love low buns with some loose hair for a date, as well. It's good to analyze the details of your outfit in order to plan  your hair do: for instance, this dress has a high neck and a busy floral print. A simple hair do would be best to compliment the dress and to not add any unnecessary busy-ness to the outfit.
  • Make-up & Nails- Although it's pretty much a necessity to have your make-up and nails done, like always, it's fun to change things up a bit for holidays. Maybe some cute hearts on your nails, or a fun headband that can totally feminize your outfit!
  • The Accessories- Accessories are a major part of any outfit so it's important to plan them correctly! For this dress, like I've mentioned above, it has a high neck line and a busy print, therefore I won't be adding a necklace. A necklace would just add to the busy-ness and you wouldn't be able to see it well. That's why I've chosen pearl stud earrings for this outfit; they're super girly and they're just the right amount of glam to accentuate the dress. And of course I will have a small clutch for the occasion, and in my normal fashion, it will be black and Chanel-- also not taking away from the point of the outfit- the dress- but adding just the right simple touch to complete it!
  • The Attitude- As always, your attitude and personality will be your best accessory! Be yourself, enjoy yourself, laugh, bat your eyelashes, and let your radiant smile show! Nothing is as sweetheart capturing as you, plain and simple!

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