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January 18, 2014 3 min read


The Olsen Twins have been a big part of our generation. We grew up watching them on Full House,  their various movies, Two of a Kind, So Little Time, and more. Then as we got older, so did they; they moved their careers from the film world to the fashion world. In a short amount of time, their creativity and keen eye for real style made a huge impact in fashion. I've decided to feature them in today's Style File because their multiple lines beautiful and successful. We covet their stylish flare and we are able to purchase like pieces from their lines... how much better does it get?  


Probably The Olsen's most popular clothing line, The Row is a favorite among celebrities. This line was named after the famous street Savile Row in London.

Known principally for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men, where customers have included Lord Nelson, Winston Churchill, and Jude Law, the street has had a varied history which has included accommodating the headquarters of the Royal Geographical Society at 1 Savile Row, where significant British explorations to Africa and the South Pole were planned; and more recently, the Apple office of The Beatles at 3 Savile Row, where the band's final live performance, later shown in the film Let It Be, was held on the roof of the building.  (Source)

This unique title and history gives the line the crisp, tailored look it is famous for. They design the line with clean lines, sleek shapes, and classic, neutral colors. I personally love this line because it is very sophisticated and classy


Elizabeth and James brings together two dynamic personalities into exquisite balance. They perfectly complement one another in a beautiful contradiction. Elizabeth’s uptown sophistication and feminine detail is paired with James’ laidback, downtown edge and masculine tailoring. Individually, each would be incomplete. Together, they are striking in perfection.

For Elizabeth and James, the magic is in the mix.

Elizabeth and James is such a fun line. The cuts are unique and flattering (to me, they could look great on any girl), the patterns are eye-catching, yet not crazy, and you can clearly see the quality of every piece. The Olsen Twins really did and continue to do really well with this line. That's probably why A-list celebrities like Anne Hathaway love Elizabeth and James.


I'm absolutely in love with the Olsenboye line at JCPenny (mostly because I can actually afford these clothes). Geared more towards the teen and college age group, this line is young, funky, and fresh. It keeps up with the modern and ever-changing fashion of our generation, with fun prints, awesome shoes, perfect accessories, and great fits. Nothing about Olsenboye is boring. The twins really knew what they were doing with this line!


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The Olsen Twins even did t-shirt designs with StyleMint. If you're not familiar with the website, you should definitely check it out! It's personalized shopping with designer labels that don't cost designer prices. I loved the shirts the Olsens did for StyleMint; they were cool, simple, and pieces that wouldn't go out of style... kind of like everything they design.

The Olsen girls have really come a long way in their careers and it's very obvious when you look at all of their wonderful designs. They are a major name in the fashion world and their lines continue to bring about amazing investment pieces with a style that will never fade. Hat's off to the twins and their many accomplishments!

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