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January 11, 2014 3 min read

With the holidays over, we're all gearing up and getting back into our routines around here. School is about to start for the new spring semester and preparations are on their way! It's exciting and stressful at the same time. What always helps me prepare for a new routine and staying busy is to have all of my essentials ready for the work week. Carrying around the things I use on a daily basis really helps to keep me organized, sane, and comfortable.
My Weekly Essentials

The most important item that I carry around with me is my daily planner. I keep a calendar on my phone and iPad, but nothing keeps me as organized as writing down my plans and appointments. I write down school plans, work schedule, and other activities that I have going on. It helps me plan everything that I do during the week while keeping me from over scheduling or carrying too much on my plate.

 The second book that I'm always carrying around with me is a book for enjoyment (or educational) reading. I heard a writer once say, "I don't trust anyone who doesn't carry a book around with them." Reading is a favorite past time of mine and it's important to me to always have a book to read... An escape from reality of sorts. I read in between classes, waiting around for appointments, on breaks, and before I go to bed. I feel like it's more rewarding and healthy than scrolling through social networks in my free time. And because I'm always so busy, I know I won't make time for reading if I don't just carry my book around with me.

 This winter had been a really cold one in the south this year, so one of my weekly essentials has been a warm scarf. I think I've worn a scarf every day for the past two months. It helps accessorize my outfits AND it helps keep me warm. I love love love knitted scarves in a neutral color that go with every outfit!

 No matter what the season, the sun always makes his appearance, so my sunglasses are certainly an essential during the day. I have these Goodnight Moon Sunglasses from Free People and they are my favorite! Aren't they just so darling and hippie? They had a fun flare to any outfit and work really well! It's great to have such a stylish accessory that functions, as well.

 Can we all just take a moment to thank the fashion world for brown riding boots? I mean, we wear them with everything (Hello, they even go great with black)! Brown riding boots are an absolute must for during the week. Walking to classes, working, and even out with friends, your boots will never fail an outfit!

 It's only been recently that I've been wearing earrings on a daily basis (I know.. I know). But I've become very addicted to my diamond stud earrings. I wear them with everything! They look good with gold, black, sports wear, cocktail dresses, everything! And when I don't have my diamond studs, I have my pearl studs. Pearls are another accessory that look good with everything; they just add a sweet, girly look to an outfit. And when you don't feel like dressing up, earrings add just enough glam to keep you looking fab!

Lastly, two essential items that I carry with me during the week are my techs. My iPhone and my iPad air are my lifelines. My iPad is my school notebook and my blogging database and my iPhone is my communicator and my social networking tool. I don't like to carry a lot of books with me, so my iPad makes that easy for me since I have my textbooks on iBooks. And as we all know, we use our iPhones for everything! I am an Apple snob, so that's why I have this phone and tablet; they are so pretty AND user-friendly.

Having these items with me on a daily basis really keep me organized, on top of all of my tasks, and comfortably stylish ;) what are your weekly essential items? Do you have a trusty pair of boots and earrings that you wear all the time? Do you carry a book around with you? Are you tech savvy? Comment below and let us know!

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