Christmas Clean Up

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I hope all of you Lotuses had a great Christmas! We were surely busy little elves around here!

We hope you got all of the things on your Christmas list and that you found joy in giving to others.

After finally cleaning up after holiday festivities, I decided that with all of the new things I got for Christmas (4 new perfumes, for example)  I need to do some serious Spring, or Winter in this case, cleaning! I feel like I have entirely too much stuff. One doesn't really need 3 pairs of black flats, does she? And with the coming of the new year I feel like right now is a great time to start!   In my normal fashion, I made a list of the different parts of my room that I plan to clean out. I put them in a certain order to where I can start on one side of my room and end on the other side doing a full clean sweep! I always tend to overwhelm myself whenever I throw things away or rearrange everything. This year, I have a new plan: I will be having a garage sale with a couple of other people! I think this is a great way to get rid of a lot of unnecessary clutter in my life while making a little extra cash! It will help me really get rid of stuff without feeling too sentimental about it all.   I came across this article on Jessica Alba's closet and was inspired when I read this quote from her:
"Besides labels so everything has its identified place, I think color coding, storing things in compartments and bins, and making things visible so you actually wear them are the keys to a functional closet."

  I'm inspired now to rearrange my scarves, chest of drawers, closet, and bathroom in a similar way! I made not use labels, but I wouldn't mind sorting things by color, sleeve-length, or in any other way I could find things more easily.  

With all of the new clothes, accessories, perfume, and gadgets I got for Christmas, I'm excited to clean out my life so that I can fully enjoy these new things without having too much other clutter to distract me. Nothing bothers me more than wearing an old shirt too many times before I start wearing my new clothes. And it's not that I don't want to wear my new clothes, I'm just still too distracted by my old things to focus on my new pieces. Out with the old, in with the new, right?!  

Will you guys be doing any Winter cleaning?

Did you get a bunch of new, sparkly fun things for Christmas, too?

Comment below and let us know if you'll be clean sweeping to make room for your new toys!

*All images c/o: Jessica Alba's Closet Is Just As Amazing As You'd Expect

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