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Alexis's Christmas Wishlist by alexismiller-1
Christmas is just around the corner and I cannot wait any longer! I'm anxious to give the gifts I've bought and of course I'm anxious to see what I got (no need to pretend we're not all a little selfish in this area, right?) I've made a Christmas Wishlist on Polyvore with all of the things I'm just dying to have this season!

My Christmas Wishlist

  1. One thing that would just tickle me pink to have is a sweatshirt with a cute little saying on it. I'm in love with this "Dance All Night Sleep All Day" one from Wildfox! I'm not usually a pink person, but this sweater is just darling! I would love to wear it with some fun leggings or lazily around  the house all day!
  2. I'm in absolute need of some off-white Converse high-tops! I think they would go great with my leather leggings, skinny jeans, and funky sweatshirts. Hey, they would even look good with the sweater on this list! I have a pair of black ones, I just need the white ones to complete my wardrobe ;)
  3. This white blouse with the darling neck tie is screaming at me; it must find its way into my closet! I love how classy and almost vintage it is. I bet it even feels really good to touch! I just got some new flats that I think would look perfect with this top!
  4. I just discovered Lollia and I'm freaking out over this Relax perfume. It smells so wonderful and clean and would go great with my perfume collection! Not to mention, the small bottle is only $9.00!
  5. I love love love denim and this cute little dress from is adorable! I would love to layer oversized sweaters with it and pair it with the white Converse shoes I want! And I could even wear it in the summer with some awesome brown gladiator sandals!
  6. I am in desperate need of a new purse and though this one is a little pricey, it is the epitome of the type of bag I'm searching for. It's black, big, classic and will go with everything! Prada always wins, amiright?
  7. Lastly, and purely for fun, I want this darling little Vogue beanie. It's so quirky yet nonchalant... I think it would be the perfect little addition to my accessories closet!
Have you made your Christmas Wishlist yet? Have you checked it twice? Comment and let us know what you're wishing for this Christmas!


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