Thanksgiving Ready: The Dessert and The Dress

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Thanksgiving Ready: The Dessert

Last night some of our family got together to start planning what everyone will be cooking for Thanksgiving. I was assigned to make the glaze for the syrup cake (in my Cajun family we call it the Gateau de Sirop). My family understands my sweet tooth well so it's no wonder I was assigned this particular recipe hehe! If you'd like to take a peek into my sugar obsessed world, check out the board on Pinterest where I post all of the delicious recipes I'd like to try! Our preparation for Thanksgiving got me thinking... What will I wear this year?? Last year I wore a darling orange vintage dress with brown leaves on it. I could not have found a perfect dress for the occasion, but this year I don't have a perfect dress like that...  


I'm a big color person (I was a painting major in college for a while) so I like to dress in appropriate colors for certain occasions. For this Thanksgiving, I'm thinking of a beautiful burnt orange, a subtle military green, and maybe a little dark chocolate brown to color coordinate my outfit with for the holiday! Since I don't have my outfit planned just yet, I think I'll be needing some inspiration from my best friends at Lotus!  

Thanksgiving Ready: The Dress

I love love LOVE the orange in this dress and I like how the sleeves are full length! This dress has the perfect colors for color coordinating for Thanksgiving and the perfect style for the possibly chilly weather!

Well if I wanted all the colors I mentioned above, this cardigan would be perfection! The designs on it even remind me of Thanksgiving!

I wasn't really thinking of mustard as a color for this year, but check out these jeans! And they're high-waisted- my favorite! These would be darling paired with a brown top and a green military jacket!

I have so many options to choose from that I'm getting a headache... where's the cupcakes?? I need sugar! What will all of you beautiful ladies be wearing for this Thanksgiving? Will you be color coordinating? Are you in charge of making a dish? Comment below & let us know! We love hearing from you!

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