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November 18, 2013 2 min read

I've officially begun my Christmas shopping! I started early so as not to get stressed, but I'm still stressing! I feel like the days are passing by so quickly and I cannot keep up with them. I'm a fan of online Christmas shopping (when I allow myself enough time for shipping) and one of my very favorite online shopping spots is Etsy! If you've never heard of Etsy, you're certainly missing out! Etsy is an online market for anyone wanting or selling vintage or handmade items. Sellers or vintage/handmade items gather on Etsy with their own personal shops. You can search and browse categories within Etsy to find exactly what you're looking for or something you didn't know you needed!  

Why I love Etsy

  • The main reason I love Etsy is because everything on the website is unique. I go here when I'm needing a very special, meaningful gift. Anything handmade is special to me and it gives a gift that cherished feeling it needs. Also, to a lot of people, receiving something vintage is just as treasured and special as something handmade. There's a distinguished joy to receiving a vintage gift- knowing that it belonged to someone long ago in a different time. Maybe it's just my old soul speaking, but that's the neatest and most romantic thing in the world to me! Handmade or vintage, all gifts and knick-knacks on Etsy are unique and make wonderful gifts!


  • The shops on Etsy really are like little, real shops. They treat you like valued customers and help you in any way they can. For example, the featured shop right now, Tamar Shalem, a handmade shoe shop (!) writes this about how she handles her shop and customers, "I manage my Etsy shop as if it were an actual shop, rather than a virtual one. I treat my visitors as guests – as if we were meeting face-to-face – and assist them in every way I can, doing my best to offer them a great shopping experience before, during, and after the purchase. I am always honest in my answers to customers so they have a clear sense of what they are going to get. Many of my clients are returning customers, and a few of them have several pairs of my shoes. This is the greatest compliment of all and the reason why I love my job so much." There's definitely something special about having people buy your very own handmade items and I feel like that is why Etsy is such an enjoyable place to shop because there is a sense of community.
  • Thinking of the sense of community Etsy has reminded me that it actually is a little community. You can have your own account where on it you can keep a list of your favorite items and shops, the items you've purchased (and their tracking numbers), and you can follow shops and people and have them follow you! How neat!

This Christmas season, if you're feeling a little stressed because of shopping, take our advice and try out Etsy!

You can find very special gifts, it's very easy to use, and it's such an enjoyable shopping experience!

Happy Christmas shopping, everyone :)

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