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I've spotted another Fall fashion trend and this one is super cool! Beanies have been in style, but for a while they seemed only in style for the alternative/skating/punk rock genre. But since that style has become more global and all over the fashion boards, beanies are back for everyone! I've spotted them on Pinterest worn in the cutest ways, and all over college campuses and major fashion blogs! One of my favorite bloggers, Jules from Sincerely, Jules, wears her beanies all the time and in the most fun ways. If you're familiar with her you know how popular she's become in the past year or so. Her alternatively cool and laid back style have blown up the fashion sphere online and she's become a regular name in fashion these days.  I've compiled my favorite looks of hers to show you guys for some Beanie inspiration! 


Beanies by Sincerely Jules

I love the way Jules wears her beanies. She always has a little edge in her outfits, just enough to be cool and the beanies are incorporated in a way that they don't make a big deal about themselves. They're just cool. She wears them with tennis shoes, flats, heels, booties, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, and skirts! They really can go with anything! A perfect accessory to add some alternative to your style!


Beanies are such a fun accessory! And they're perfect for bad hair days hehe! Not to mention the warmth they provide your head and ears on chilly winter days! And now with inspiration from Sincerely, Jules you can wear them with more outfits than you previously thought! Could they be your go-to winter fashion trend this season? I have a feeling they will be mine! How will you be wearing your beanies this season? Will you be bold enough to try one on? Will you be letting a little edge into your wardrobe? If so, comment below and let us know!

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