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Today I'd like to shine a spotlight on my lovely sister (actual first cousin, but we grew up together so she's really my sister) and her dreamy photography! Bazar Photography by Robyn Bazar is her hobby, passion, and creative outlet. It's a self-taught art form she's been dabbling in and perfecting for about 8 years. Last week she and I spontaneously decided that we wanted to do a photo shoot so we grabbed a couple of vintage outfits (we share a deep love for anything old), went to an old field we played in as children, and let our creative energies out!

"I've always had a lot of creative energy to me and I've always known I wanted to create beautiful things. I didn't know whether I wanted to sing, dance, act, or what until one day I finally realized that I can really express myself through photography. Through artistic photographs, I can create the beautiful things I see in my imagination that is begging to come out."

Robyn's style of photography is one of my favorites. All of her pictures have such delicate subjects but ironically carry so much weight to them. I believe she achieves this through her contrasting highlights and shadows. Her photos draw you in with their beauty but keep you lingering. To me, they aren't just photos of "pretty things" but convey messages of nostalgia, longing, feminism, and passion. She has a keen eye for "the little things"-- a piece of lace here, a sly smile there, an oddly colored leaf, or a look shared between two lovers-- and that's what I love most about her photographs. She does not have a typical professional photographer style; she's an artist with her camera and it's clear that she gives her imagination the reigns.

You can go to Robyn's Facebook page to check out more of her photography.

And if you like, you can even book your own dreamy photo shoot with her!

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