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October 30, 2013 2 min read


I saw this quote the other day (where else but Pinterest?) and it really struck a cord in my heart. "Yeah she's crazy, but she's wonderful. There's no hiding her passion. She's unabashedly herself." How beautiful is this quote? Someone out there admires someone else so much that they don't really care how "mad" she seems, they just admire her because she's real. She's herself. When it comes down to it, isn't that what we all want in life? To be loved exactly for who we are, crazy and all. In my perspective, I don't feel like I see that enough. Everyone always has to be something for someone. You have to be a strong big sister, you have to be a hard-working, independent woman, you have to raise a kid all by yourself and smile while doing it, you have to walk on eggshells to please everyone around you. It's exhausting at times. When do we really have time to just relax and be ourselves? To laugh at the stupid stuff we think is funny, to watch a show we actually want to watch, to fix our hair the way that we want to and to wear the clothes we want to wear?   I think that if more people were to be themselves, unabashedly, no lying in their fire, just truly themselves, we'd have a lot more love around us. Because how can we all learn to love each other if we're all putting up masks in front of each other? How can we learn and practice true acceptance if we're not allowing our true colors to show? I mean, we can't really grow as a society if we're only ourselves in front of our cats. #Amiright?


I think we'd have a lot less bullying and overall hateful people if we all just stopped caring so much what other people thought of us. We can be mad, because we're all magical. We're wonderful and beautiful and there's no definition for that. We just ARE because we ARE. There's no rules to being beautiful and amazing because we're all uniquely beautiful and amazing already. And there should never be a lie in our fire. The passions that fuel what we do and how we act should be real, burning fires. I guess I'm saying all this to finally say, above all else be yourself. Be you and do you and feel you and act you all the time, 100%, every single day. Because if you aren't you... mad, crazy, burning, magical you... then who are you?  

Save the masks for Halloween ;)

and above all else, be yourself

because the world needs more madly magical people out there!

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