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October 31, 2013 1 min read

Happy Halloween from us here at Lotus!

  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I'm very happy to be off today to celebrate it! Consequently, it is only me and my black cat Kahli around the house today-- perfect Halloween company! We've got a Hemlock Grove marathon playing, a bucket of candy, and company coming over later! Hemlock Grove is a Netflix original series that focuses on the strange town with the namesake and it's rare breed of "people". It contains werewolves, blood, mystery, and suspense, all you need for a spooky Halloween show! In my candy bucket I've got only the best candy available (all chocolate, thankyouverymuch)-- butterfingers, snickers, reese's, Nestle crunch, and baby ruth's! I've also got a bottle of Rojo Dulce wine with a lovely Dio de Los Muertos artwork label for tonight (don't tell anyone but I only bought that wine because the artwork was so lovely!)

How are you guys celebrating this spooky holiday?

Are you loaded up on treats?

Stay safe & have fun, everyone!

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