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October 23, 2013 2 min read

Halloween is just around the corner and that means tricks, treats, costumes and crafts! Are you ready for all of the fun? Here at Lotus we're gearing up for the Fall festivities! This year I will be attending my friend's annual Halloween party! I haven't been to a Halloween party in a couple of years so I'm very excited for this one! I'm normally full of spirit for any holiday, but Halloween is one of my favorites so I'm super excited and spirited right now! I've been on Pinterest (naturally) looking at costume ideas, decorations for my house, and fun crafts to do! I couldn't help compiling my favorite Halloween ideas to share with you guys.

Lotus's Favorite Halloween Ideas

I love love love witches! I think they're the most interesting characters in literature and such fun for Halloween. So naturally I'm drawn to this adorable cupcake idea (but I mean, I'm drawn to cupcakes in general anyway...) And it's so easy to make-- just find some striped straws and cut out witch shoes out of construction paper!

Now how cute are these mummy dogs? Mummies in a blanket? Whatever you'd like to call them, they're creative, fun, and I'm willing to bet very yummy! All it takes are hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls with mustard dots for eyes!

I found this pin the other day and I'm determined to try it out! We have a huge yard at my house so it would make for a perfect "ball room dance floor" to put all of the "dancing ghosts" on. And I just know my 8 year old brother will think this is the coolest idea ever!

This one is probably my favorite idea. How cool and perfect for Halloween trick-or-treaters! And they look so real! Get your driveway/walkway for a great scare!!

This Halloween idea made me giggle out loud when I saw it! It's the ghost of flushes past ahhhhh! Just kidding, but how cute, simple, and so fun?! And all this creative little idea takes is black construction paper!

This pumpkin spider is so adorable he's hardly scary! But he'd make a perfect front step greeter for all guests and trick-or-treaters! And like all of our favorite ideas he's fairly simple to make!

You can find all of these ideas on my "Holidaze" board on Pinterest! For more fun Halloween crafts, treats, and costume ideas check out A Beautiful Mess's Holiday Loves section of their blog-- so many cute and entertaining ideas! My favorite post is their "The Ghosts of Halloweens Past" post where they show all of their fun Halloween costume ideas from years past. Believe me when I say these are the cutest ideas out there! Comment below and let us know your favorite Halloween ideas for this year! Are you getting crafty? Where will you be spending Halloween night? Happy haunting, everyone!

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