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October 21, 2013 3 min read

We love our music here at Lotus! We all have very different tastes when it comes to what we like, but we can all agree that we love music! We always play the best music in our stores and we're constantly having jam sessions when working in the office. Music even fuels our photo shoots! We're always looking for the newest, coolest music and since there has been some wonderful releases as of late, we thought we'd share in our current finds!

  • Currently in my car is Miley Cyrus's new album Bangerz. With all of the controversy surrounding her aside, this album is a pretty good one! It sounds great in my car with the bass turned up. It's a perfect "feel good" and "jammin'" kind of album. If you're going to a party, put this album on, feel the good vibrations, and get ready for a night of fun!              
  • Another album that I'm really really into lately is Bruno Mars's Unorthodox Jukebox. Since the release of his new song "Gorilla" and the amount of success that that song (and pretty much any song he's released) brought about I decided to check out the whole album. I've always liked Bruno Mars and this album is no disappointment. It contains both his amazing vocals and fun beats that have made him so famous.
  • If you're into more chill, indie music then you should definitely check out The Head and The Heart's new album Let's Be Still. This album is beautifully made, perfectly chill and very smooth. To me, this album is a great album to ride in your car with the windows down. Especially now with the wonderful Fall breezes creeping in, drives need music like this!
  • The Avett Brothers just released their new album Magpie and the Dandelion. As a AB fan, I'm really excited for this album and what I've heard of it so far! I love a good folk sound and the Avett Brothers always capture that perfectly while still keeping things modern. In keeping with their style, the songs I've heard off of this album carry a little conviction and make you reflect and think deeply. They're always truthful about human nature and I love how their songs make me pause and think deeply.
  • Lastly in the world of music, I'm dying for Lady Gaga's new album Applause to come out! It officially releases on the day after my birthday! I love the single Applause and I just heard a snippet of her new song with R. Kelly "Do What U Want (With My Body)". I'm excited about this album because she keeps expressing how much it means to her, the amount of work that went into it, and the fact that it's revolved around Art as a whole. I'm a sucker for a free spirit (probably why I like Miley Cyrus) and anyone who really taps into their artistic side and I feel like Lady Gaga is a free spirit who constantly does that. And she never fails to deliver such amazing vocals and major killer beats!

Are you excited for all the new music that's just been released?

Are you loving some of these new albums that we are listening to?

Comment below and let us know what you're listening to so that we can jam to your good taste, too!

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