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It's that time of year, ladies! Football season! While some of us roll our eyes and continue watching Gossip Girl reruns (myself included) some of us are die hard fans just like our boys! And you know you half of the fun is dressing for the games ;) Like I mentioned in an earlier post, it's important to accessorize your outfits appropriately and that pertains to your game day outfits as well. Especially now that the weather is getting colder, accessories are everything! What coat or sweater will you wear that will still show your colors? What about shoes? What shoes can you wear that will still look cute but will be practical for walking up and down bleachers? I picked out a Houndstooth dress from our store to accessorize on Polyvore (not because I'm an Alabama fan, because I appreciate the print hehe!) because I've found myself invited to a few random games this season!  

Accessorizing a Houndstooth Dress

  • The University of Alabama did it right when they chose to use Houndstooth as their staple print because it goes great with crimson (the team's color). I chose a crimson colored cardigan to pair with the On the Quad Houndstooth Dress. Because the dress is strapless, a cardigan is a perfect accessory in case the weather gets a little chilly!
  • I chose to pair leggings with the dress because I expect some cold Saturdays coming up! Not to mention, I love wearing leggings with dresses! I also chose booties for the outfit. They are closed toe so they will keep me warm, but they're also stylish and chic enough for this dress! I plan on practicing walking up and down bleachers a few times before taking these out, though!
  • Lastly, I chose a gold Nixon watch and some darling black and gold earrings to finish off the look! Because I will pretty much be covered neck to toe, I only wanted a couple of accent pieces to complete the statement. You can't really ever go without jewelry but sometimes you only need the tiniest shine to accessorize with. And I usually always go with gold ;) can't ever go wrong with gold!

How are you accessorizing your game day outfits?

Will you be wearing heels to any games?

Are you more of a gold or silver person?

Comment below and let us know how you dress for football Saturdays!

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