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I love fashion. That's how I express myself.

Since the onset of Fall I've currently been obsessing over designer Victoria Beckham. Fall is when I become more in tune with the darker and more sophisticated side of my closet and I feel like I can really gain a lot of inspiration from Victoria Beckham. Her personal style and designer line have my full attention. Based out of London and a reflection of her own style, her Victoria Beckham line embodies class, sexiness, and timeless style. Not to mention, her eyewear is to die for! I think what I love most about her style is that it is always consistent and very iconic. Her style can be defined by classic, timeless pieces, clean lines, and of course the color black. As a designer and a style icon, Victoria Beckham is really admirable.  

Victoria Beckham's Personal Style

I love how clean cut Victoria Beckham's style is. She is always very poised and put together. But never is she boring! There's always a sexy chic-ness in the way she dresses. I love the clean geometric lines of her clothes. It's somehow refreshing to me to see looks so straight-cut-- they always have a lot of clarity about them, they're pleasing to the eye and that's such an important aspect of style. I also admire the classic feel of her style; her looks are so fashion forward, but they're not so busy. They are looks that stay fashionable forever. I appreciate the neutral colors and the here-and-there patterns that she wears. I also really appreciate the amount of black she wears! I can never get enough black and I feel like that's what she thinks, too! Black is so chic, sexy, and classic and that is Victoria's style! 

Victoria Beckham's Fashion Line

Just like her personal style, Victoria Beckham's fashion line is formed around straight cut forms, flattering forms, and timelessness. I think that I can honestly say that I would wear anything from her line; it's that classic and stylish! 

Lotus's VB Inspired Looks

And now that I'm obsessed with Victoria Beckham's style, I need to shop for clothes that resemble her style! To do so, I've compiled Lotus's best Victoria Beckham looks!




She not only understands fashion and trends, but she has been a trend-setter and fashion icon for years.

-Rock & Republic Designer Michael Ball

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