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October 02, 2013 2 min read

I've fallen absolutely smitten over Fall's newest trend: boyfriend jeans. I don't know what it is about them that pulls my fashion heartstrings-- maybe it's the destroyed patches on some of them (I've always been a sucker for destroyed denim), maybe it's the relaxed fit, maybe it's the cuffed ends-- whatever it is, they have my heart. I recently purchased a pair (YIPEE!) and I've been on Pinterest ever since looking for fun ways to style them. I found some styles that I just cannot resist wearing and I know you fashion lovers will totally understand and go ga-ga over them with me!


How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans


With a Basic Tee and Heels

The simplest and most versatile way to style boyfriend jeans is with a basic tee and fun heels. I love the bright orange heels and multi-colored necklace like these in this look from StyleCaster. You could do any colored tee with any mix up of heels and jewelry. You could go casual, a little dressy, boho, grungy, any way you please with this look-- like I said, it's so versatile!  


With a Cardigan, Flats, and a Scarf

This will be my go-to look when wearing my boyfriend jeans; this look is so me! I think flats go great with boyfriend jeans (and how about those cute studded ones!) especially when casually paired with a cardigan. The scarf pulls the relaxed look together while also adding a little pop to it!  

With a Sweater and Booties

What another perfect staple to pair with your sweaters! I can see boyfriend jeans with an oversized sweater (like the one pictured above) or a preppy fitted sweater and the perfect pair of booties for such a warm and cozy Fall outfit! To be honest, any sweater would look great with boyfriend jeans just like any pair of booties would, too! Oh my, so many options for one pair of jeans!  

With a Blazer

Lastly, I cannot wait to wear my jeans with a classic black blazer! Maybe I'll wear a band t-shirt underneath or maybe I'll pair it with a sparkly top for a fun night out! I love love love the leopard flats like the ones in the picture above, but I bet this look would also look great with some bold heels or wedges. Who says casual jeans cannot be dressed up? Call me crazy but I will be taking my jeans out on the town with me this Fall! Fashion has no rules!  

I'm so excited for a such a major staple added to my closet!

How you are fashionistas styling your boyfriend jeans?

Are you excited to see how many different ways you can wear them?!

Hip hip hooray for another great creation in the denim world!

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