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I'm absolutely in love with our Black One Shoulder Dress! It is the perfect dress for any special occasion this Fall! And as we all know, accessorizing a special occasion dress is just as important as the dress itself. Especially with an LBD, accessories make or break the outfit. It's important to know how to accessorize well so that your look always looks complete and clean. We've gathered our best accessorizing tips to share with you guys to help with completing your LBD outfit!  


Accessorizing a Little Black Dress

  • Most LBDs are simple which makes accessories essential. First and foremost, choose a "theme" for your accessories. For example, I went with a cream theme for the look I have pictured above. I chose to base my accessories off of the cream colored bow on the dress. If your dress is plain, you have the freedom to choose any theme you want. You can go with an animal print theme, a "red all over" theme, or even black on black on black.
  • Once you have a theme, remember to keep everything clean. For instance, if you're going with an animal print theme, don't allow every accessory to be printed. Wear leopard print pumps and maybe a fun red necklace; it is all part of the theme but it's not overdone.
  • When it comes to jewelry, a little less is usually worth more. You don't want to seem like you're trying too hard and you don't want your look to be too busy. So when you're piling on the gold, remember that your dress will do the talking and your jewelry will just agree with everything it says.
  • Shoes are everything when it comes to an LBD. If you're going out (which is usually the case with LBDs) heels or pumps will definitely be needed. Make sure they are uniform with your theme. Also, make sure you can walk comfortably in them; nothing is more distracting than a girl who cannot walk in heels but has on 6-inch stilettos. And let's face it, comfortable feet make for a happy girl! I love the heels I chose for this dress; they're dressy enough for a special occasion and the heel is the perfect height for me to be able to walk in.

What is your favorite theme for your little black dress?

Do your love our LBD with the cream bow?

Comment below and tell us how you accessorize your special occasion dresses!

We'd love to hear from you!

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