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September 09, 2013 3 min read

No one can put a leash on fashion. It is an art form that has constantly pushed the boundaries and tested the waters, always looking for the next big thing. I think because of this, rules in fashion have simply gone out of the window. The more it keeps evolving, the more anything goes. There will always be gathered inspiration, but the need for originality and the amount of competitiveness in the industry really drives the movement forward. The cuts and shapes of ordinary items can take any form and the mixing of colors and patterns has taken creative risks over time. Having no rules is what makes fashion so exciting and entertaining, and I have to say that that is why I'm so drawn to fashion and so involved in it. It's enjoyable to have a hobby and job that gives you all the freedom you want.  

What really set these thoughts in my head was Diane von Furstenberg's Spring 2014 RTW line. The prints are bold, the cuts excitingly fresh, and the styles are as always daring yet flattering. To me, this line uses the freedom that fashion gives and really embodies what can be accomplished with unlimited creative authority.  


Recently the cuts and shapes of clothes has been really experimented with. Backless dresses and cut outs from this summer's fashion have brought about a new way of wearing dresses and tops. It doesn't matter if your shoulders are exposed or if you have "rips" on the back of your top. You can show a little skin because nothing dictates what cut outs go where. And to me, that is kind of fun! I love how crop tops came back in style and that I have so many tops with fun cut outs all over them so that I can wear my flirty bandeaus and bralettes underneath them!  


Styles have no limits either. Specific styles of time periods have all come back around; fashion keeps recycling and reusing and I think that's a great thing. You can take a dress pattern from the 1950s, add a fun cut out bustier in the front, maybe some lace underneath the skirt and you have a completely new style built off of an old one. The 60s and the 90s (hippy and grunge styles) have united to inspire the styles of today. And even whilst taking inspiration from other fashion periods, we're still creating new styles. For instance, I see more unisex clothing lately-- pants suits, blazers, neckties are appearing on women lately, too. No one says women must only wear dresses and skirts anymore; there are no rules to dictate what styles are made or whom they're worn by.  


The same goes for colors, as well. Now more than ever I've noticed the mix-matching of colors and patterns and how really anything goes. I've seen multiple floral prints on one outfit and even brown and black are now perfect matches. Designers are taking more and more liberty to play with colors. The outfit pictured above might seem a little busy at first with the two different prints paired together, but after a while you realize how well they go together. They're bound by the rich camel color that pulls the look together. I love mixing prints and colors; it adds so much more fun to fashion!  

I'm in love with Diane von Furstenberg's new line and how free and artistic it is! And now that I've realized just how much freedom fashion gives, my day-to-day outfit planning will incorporate a lot more of my personal creativity! Because if there are no rules in fashion, I can dress however I want!

And to me, that's what makes fashion fun!!

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