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September 04, 2013 1 min read

I'm always drawn to clean lines, simple patterns, deep colors, and class when it comes to fashion. I prefer a more "classic" style. I stumbled upon British fashion designer Jack Wills yesterday while browsing for inspiration and I feel like he really embodies the classic style that I'm in love with. His Fall 2013 collection is filled with so many beautiful pieces. There are fun floral patterns on dresses, beautiful wool blazers, and wonderfully flattering skinnies.

Jack Wills Fall 2013 Collection

His designs are aimed at the university crowd hence the clean lines, crew-neck sweaters, and overall "back to school" feel of this line. Fall always makes me feel like going back to school and this line really captures that collegiate feel. I want to grab a good textbook and sit in my favorite coffee shop sipping a soy latte.   My favorite pieces from this season's line are The Hollingworth Chino pants, The Austerberry Blazer in Glade Green, and The Laindon Dress in navy. I can easily see myself walking across campus, chatting with friends or listening to music, meeting a study group at the library, or hanging out at a local eatery in these beautiful pieces.

Do you like a classic style?

Is Jack Wills one of your favorite designers?

Do these pieces put you in the mood for all things college?

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