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August 26, 2013 3 min read

Lotus Boutique is Now on Wanelo!

Are you on Wanelo yet? If not, you should be! We love Wanelo here at Lotus. It has become one of our favorite apps and websites! Wanelo is a great social site and tool for shoppers everywhere! And your favorite online boutique, Lotus Boutique is now on Wanelo! So hurry and download the app onto your smartphone and start shopping (especially for fashion). It is so easy to use, and so fun to browse through! You can even link it directly to your Facebook, which is the best way to share and encourage social shopping! Lotus Boutique has been on Wanelo for a little over a month now and we just love the way new customers have found our site.

The best thing about Wanelo is the fact that you are in charge; you just click through to purchase directly from the link to the item you want. Just click on the item and it takes you right to the product on the site so that it is simple to purchase the item before it sells out! You don't have to browse through so many different websites searching for the item you want to purchase, you can just purchase it straight from the Wanelo page/app.

I am using Wanelo, personally, to get a feel for what is trending in fashion. I have had so much fun and spend countless hours saving great items to compare with other similar items I have saved. I can then check out the price and make my decision on what to purchase. I love the fact that you can browse the latest items from just about any store, any time, anywhere.

Pinterest is by far my most favorite dreaming, planning and learning app, but it is not geared toward the commerce component. On Wanelo you can create boards similar to Pinterest, but because Wanelo is set up with commerce in mind, you can more easily purchase the items you're browsing through. The Wanelo app is so much fun; it is a friendly gathering place for fashion shoppers across the land. Wanelo has become really popular among young women; the company reports that users spend about 50 minutes a day shopping and saving (you can save items to a board). That is a lot compared to the estimates that report people spending only 30 minutes a day on Facebook (can you believe that?). It is the perfect storm for us shopping fanatics! So the name is perfect, short for Want, Need, Love!

Wanelo has a great feature of being able to follow your favorite super stores, such as ASOS, Nasty Gal, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. In addition, you can follow any store that has found a home on Wanelo, and there are cute boutiques galore. Lotus Boutique is also on Wanelo and you should follow us! It is here we will post our new arrivals. So when you follow us, you will be notified the moment we upload them! You will have no trouble staying up to date with the latest trends in women's fashion.

We are going to have a new contest and give away to share this wondrous find!

  •  First, sign up (or sign in if you're already part of the fun) for Wanelo! Explore and have fun getting to know the site. Find fashion forward people to follow and invite your friends, too.
  • Now follow us on Wanelo! Click the link and then the blue FOLLOW button on the Wanelo page.
  • After following people you like (which means us of course), you can create boards and SAVE all the items you love! Even if you do not want to make a purchase right then, you can SAVE the items as a style board to inspire you when it is time to shop!
  • Our board for the contest is going to be: Lotus Transition into Fall
  • Contest Rules: Save items from Lotus Boutique onto a board with the name mentioned above and we will choose a random winner for a $100 gift certificate! 
  • Contest begins today and ends on September 9th!

Here are some ideas to get you started on Wanelo:

Try these great denim shorts, pair them with tights, add a blazer, gold statement jewelry and you have a great transitional piece!    

Again, add opaque tights to this snazzy number and you are moving right into fall. Layer with a cute cardigan and a belt and now your really styling!

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